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A slight paralysis.
Incomplete loss of muscular power.
Weakness of a limb.



attenuation of voluntary movements; their complete loss is termed paralysis. Paresis and paralysis, which are caused by the same factors, are the motor disorders most frequently encountered in clinical practice.

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increased risk of parturient paresis and retained placenta (Duffield et al., 2002).
Initiation of lactation places one of the greatest stresses on Calcium homeostasis and is associated with hypocalcemic parturient paresis among high producing dairy cows (Horst and Reinhardt, 1983).
The calcium effect on reproduction appears to be primarily and indirect one because it affects incidence of parturient paresis. Common sequel to parturient paresis includes dystocia, prolapse of uterus and retained placenta which tend to have negative effect on fertility.
So based on history of calving 20 days back and high yielding and differentiating with other concurrent diseases like rabies, parturient paresis, metritis, mastitis etc.