pas de deux

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pas de deux

Ballet a sequence for two dancers

Pas de Deux


one of the basic dance forms in ballet. It consists of an entrée, an adagio (the lyrical part danced by both dancers), an allegro in two variations (solos by the male and female dancers), and a jointly danced coda. The ballets of P. I. Tchaikovsky provide the best examples of pas de deux.

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Cronin has over 25 years of experience performing and teaching Pas De Deux in some of the most famous shows in Las Vegas and Paris.
Our long-term ambition for Pas de Deux is for the project to be a springboard towards realising the need to set up a regular dance programme in Newbiggin for young people to attend.
Pas de Deux will be premiered on Saturday, July 5, from 2-4pm and it is hoped the project will be experienced by more than 500 people.
Fort Worth Dallas Ballet principal dancers Min Tang and Min Hua Zhao will perform the pas de deux from Don Quixote.
For the sake of clarifying the ballet's story line, Holmes has turned the pas de deux, a dance for two, into a dance for three - Conrad, Ali and Medora.
Today, Ballet Argentino performs classical ballet pas de deux, such as Bocca's signature piece, the grand pas de deux from ``Don Quixote,'' as well as the distinctly Argentine-flavored works, such as a new tango by Ana Maria Stekelman, ``Tango Vivo.
Choreographic styles ran the gamut from Gonzales' jazzily propulsive movement, Luca Veggetti's stressed elegance, to James Canfield's sexy pas de deux on pointe, and Vasterling's lyrical classicism.
In the ``Corsaire'' pas de deux, she said he ``Has come back with some of the firebrand passion of his early days.
For me," says Stafford, "when someone says 'the girl danced throughout the pas de deux as if she were floating,' I take that as such a compliment.
In 1960, the Paris Opera asked him to choreograph a new ballet, and his pas de deux to George Gershwin's "Concerto in F" received 27 curtain calls.
Consider Cynthia Gregory and Fernando Bujones in the Black Swan pas de deux, she stitching fouettes for days, he soaring for the stars, both rewing up audiences with consummate showmanship.
The traditional choreography for the White Swan and Black Swan pas de deux was left intact, as was that for the four cygnets (mostly).