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see goatgoat,
ruminant mammal with hollow horns and coarse hair belonging to the genus Capra of the cattle family and closely related to the sheep. True wild goats, all of Old World origin, include the Persian bezoar goat, or pasan, possibly the ancestor of the domestic
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The three other passengers who suffered serious injuries were KJenelyn Filipino Sayre, 31, married, of Poblacion, Magsaysay; Mohammad Jalil Pasan Montila, 9,of Purok Mentring, Maigo, Kolambugan; and Antonina Pang-an Balatero, 55, married, of Purok 5, Manga, Kolambugan.
"Pasan," which recently won the top prize in ABS-CBN's "Class Project Intercollegiate Mini-Documentary Competition," first aired on April 5 as the first featured student documentary in Knowledge Channel's "Class Project Winners' Festival."
NICN/ABJ/360/2018 dated December 18, 2018, directed the leadership of PASAN and their agents to refrain from proceeding on strike.
121, 60, 182, 14 cuando pasan por mi casa, cuando me recogen y me llevan
TEHRAN (FNA)- Thailand's Foreign Ministry recalled Thai Ambassador to London, Pasan Teparak, to return to Bangkok.
Pasan top score with a run-a-ball 34 while Vihan (20) and Rahul were the other significant contributors (16).