pass point

pass point

[′pas ‚pȯint]
(graphic arts)
A point whose horizontal or vertical position is determined from photographs by photogrammetric methods and which is intended for use as a supplemental control point in the orientation of other photographs.
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Wi-Fi Passpoint

An improved method for connecting to Wi-Fi hotspots from the Wi-Fi Alliance. Authentication is performed automatically and silently by the compliant mobile device and hotspot without the user having to do anything.

Also known as "Hotspot 2.0," cable companies use Passpoint to enhance their service offerings. Cable subscribers identify themselves one time on their mobile device, and they connect automatically to any cable Wi-Fi hotspot they come into. In 2010, Comcast, Time Warner Cable and Cablevision agreed to provide interoperability among all their hotspots of which there are thousands in the big cities.

Falling under the IEEE 802.11u specification, Passpoint uses EAP authentication protocols and the WPA2-Enterprise protocol for encryption. See EAP, WPA and 802.11u.
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The fire started from the lone entry and exit pass point. The factory's doors were shuttered with metal grills.
Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism Minister Akihiro Ohata said in a statement that the completion of court-backed rehabilitation is one ''pass point'' toward restructuring, while it has obtained a certain appreciation from financial institutions.
Fane Path (2.00) is in splendid form and can give weight to his rivals in the Bank of Ireland Pass Point Handicap Hurdle.
Riders from the Royal Scots Dragoon Guards and Royal Engineers will represent the Greys, and will follow four sections of the original ride, which will pass points of military significance.
You can also pass points down to your children, so they can inherit what you have spent.