passage grave

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passage grave, chamber tomb

In prehistoric Europe, a chamber approached by a long passage, of megalithic construction, covered and protected by an artificial mound.
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Both Garnham and Richards point out that the houses were models for the tombs: the passage graves are structurally similar to the houses at Scara Brae, and both were covered with turf (Garnham 48; Challands, Muir & Richards 242, 245).
According to the research, the Danish passage graves are most likely oriented according to the path of the full moon, perhaps even according to the full moon immediately before a lunar eclipse.
Dwellings, the Great Passage Grave of Maeshowe, grooved ware, lithic assemblage, pumice, wood charcoal, and faunal remains are among the reports.
Furthermore, the blocks were not simply piled together but carefully arranged, together with smaller stones, to create the passage grave and cairn.
The important thing is that we have a ceremonial monument here that is earlier than the passage grave," said Prof Wainwright.
I took the local bus (60p to anywhere on the island) first to the Le Dehus passage grave from Neolithic times, then on to the German Occupation Museum near the airport, a dusty, fading but utterly moving place opened in 1966.
The prehistoric Celtic Newgrange passage grave is aligned with the Sun at winter solstice to harness the Sun's ability to be reborn seasonally.
Just before 9am the sun began to shine into the Co Meath passage grave flooding the chamber with light.
I must confess, however, that I have some trouble digesting the description of, for example, the passage grave at Newgrange, Ireland, on page 134 as "a tuxedo button on fields not used to formal attire.
They were taken inside a passage grave that is older than the pyramids of Egypt.
But the dual carriageway would pass 500m from the buffer zone of Bru na Boinne, the world heritage site that is home to passage graves at Newgrange, Knowth and Dowth.
Most are passage graves, but the passages may be long or short.