passenger pigeon

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passenger pigeon:

see pigeonpigeon,
common name for members of the large family Columbidae, land birds, cosmopolitan in temperate and tropical regions, characterized by stout bodies, short necks, small heads, and thick, heavy plumage.
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Passenger Pigeon


(Ectopistes migratorius), an extinct bird of the family Columbidae. The passenger pigeon was about 30 cm long. The head and rump were grayish blue, the back dull brown, and the breast reddish fawn. Until the 1890’s the species was common in the hardwood forests of eastern North America from southern Canada to North Carolina; it wintered in the southern USA. Ruthless destruction of the enormous migrating flocks resulted in the total extinction of the passenger pigeon. The last mass nesting was in 1883, the last bird in the wild was observed in 1899, and the last living specimen died at the zoological garden in Cincinnati on Sept. 1,1914.

passenger pigeon

hunted to extinction by 1914; vast numbers once darkened American skies during migratory flights. [Ecology: EB, VII: 786]
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It is true that species used as prey, such as the passenger pigeon or the wild turkey, are a renewable resource and thus likely to be exploited.
When we looked at rates of adaptive evolution and purifying selection in both species, we found evidence that natural selection had resulted in both a faster rate of adaptive evolution in passenger pigeons and a faster purging of deleterious mutations," coauthor Gemma Murray said.
Ben Novak is a revolutionary among contemporary biologists and will present an update on current research on the process of placing complete genomes of the passenger pigeon in an extant species with the goal to resurrect the passenger pigeon.
Roasted passenger pigeon is just one of the recipes in a cookbook displayed alongside Martha by the exhibit sponsor, the Smithsonian Libraries.
In comparison, the hunters who swept the passenger pigeon from the skies and the Caspian tiger from the ground probably didn't hope to eliminate those species.
Not only were passenger pigeons eaten where they were killed, but by the 1870s, significant numbers of birds were packed in ice and sent East to large cities where they were marketed as a delicacy.
In addition to the popular Member Face to Face tours, the impressive ROM 100 Speaks lecture series and the Passenger Pigeon project are just a few of the upcoming events to look forward to.
DNA salvaged from the extinct passenger pigeon gives an unexpected backstory to a species famed for sky-filling abundance in the 19th century.
Novak's report on his project to save the passenger pigeon ("The Great Comeback: Bringing a Species Back from Extinction," page 40) and FUTURIST associate editor Rick Docksai's report on forest restoration projects ("Disappearing Forests?
From the very first page of "In Search of Something Lost," I was right behind Ed and his hiking companion on their quest to explore untrailed Pigeon Roost, a minor Adirondack peak known to have been a nesting site for the formerly sky-blackening, but now extinct, passenger pigeon.
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