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opening or way by which a natural or artificial barrier can be crossed. The term pass is usually applied to a relatively narrow passage through a mountainous region. A pass, like an isthmus, may have great strategic and economic importance; the history of a nation has often been determined by its success or failure in defending a pass, and land trade routes must necessarily cross passes. In the Alps, Saint BernardSaint Bernard,
two Alpine passes, both used since antiquity. The Great Saint Bernard (alt. 8,110 ft/2,472 m), on the Italian-Swiss border, links Valais canton, Switzerland, with Valle d'Aosta, Italy.
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, SimplonSimplon
, pass, 6,590 ft (2,009 m) high, in the Lepontine Alps, Valais canton, S Switzerland. It is crossed by the Simplon Road built (1800–1806) by Napoleon I.
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, and Saint GotthardSaint Gotthard
, mountain group of the Lepontine Alps, S central Switzerland, rising to Pizzo Rotondo (10,472 ft/3,192 m high). The Reuss, Rhine, Ticino, and Rhône rivers rise there. It is crossed by the Saint Gotthard Pass, 6,935 ft (2,114 m) high.
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 are important; in the Caucasus, DaryalDaryal
or Dariel
, pass, c.3,950 ft (1,204 m) high, N Georgia, in the central Greater Caucasus Mts. below Mt. Kazbek. Situated above the Terek River, it is noted for its wild grandeur.
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 is traversed by a great military road; in Asia, Khyber PassKhyber Pass
, narrow, steep-sided pass, 28 mi (45 km) long, winding through the Safed Koh Mts., on the Pakistan-Afghanistan border; highest point is 3,500 ft (1,067 m). The routes through it link the cities of Peshawar, Pakistan, and Kabul, Afghanistan.
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 into India and the passes of the Himalayas, KarakorumKarakorum
or Karakoram,
mountain range, extending c.300 mi (480 km), between the Indus and Yarkant rivers, N Kashmir, S central Asia; SE extension of the Hindu Kush. It covers disputed territory, held by China on the north, India on the east, and Pakistan on the west.
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, and other ranges are important.



a gap formed by the grooves of two coupled rolls through which the metal to be reduced is passed in order to give it the required shape.

A distinction is made between reducing, roughing, and finishing passes. Reducing passes serve to reduce the cross section of the initial stock without significant alteration of its shape; roughing passes are used to produce rolled metal with a cross section close to that of the finishing stage; and finishing passes are used to give the metal its final shape and dimensions.


(aerospace engineering)
A single circuit of the earth made by a satellite; it starts at the time the satellite crosses the equator from the Southern Hemisphere into the Northern Hemisphere.
The period of time in which a satellite is within telemetry range of a data acquisition station.
(computer science)
A complete cycle of reading, processing, and writing in a computer.
A natural break, depression, or other low place providing a passage through high terrain, such as a mountain range.
A navigable channel leading to a harbor or river.
A narrow opening through a barrier reef, atoll, or sand bar.
(mechanical engineering)
The number of times that combustion gases are exposed to heat transfer surfaces in boilers (that is, single-pass, double-pass, and so on).
In metal rolling, the passage in one direction of metal deformed between rolls.
In metal cutting, transit of a metal cutting tool past the workpiece with a fixed tool setting.
Passage of a metal bar between rolls.
Open space between two grooved rolls through which metal is processed.
Weld metal deposited in one trip along the axis of a weld.
(mining engineering)
A mine opening through which coal or ore is delivered from a higher to a lower level.
A passage left in old workings for workers to travel as they move from one level to another.
A treatment of the whole ore sample in a sample divider.
A passage of an excavation or grading machine.
In surface mining, a complete excavator cycle in removing overburden.


A single progression of a welding operation along a joint, resulting in a weld bead.


On drawings, abbr. for “passenger.”


1. a route through a range of mountains where the summit is lower or where there is a gap between peaks
2. a way through any difficult region
3. a permit, licence, or authorization to do something without restriction
4. Brit
a. the passing of a college or university examination to a satisfactory standard but not as high as honours
b. (as modifier): a pass degree
5. a dive, sweep, or bombing or landing run by an aircraft
6. a motion of the hand or of a wand as a prelude to or part of a conjuring trick
7. Sport the transfer of a ball from one player to another
8. Fencing a thrust or lunge with a sword
9. Bridge the act of passing (making no bid)
10. Bullfighting a variant of pase
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Its net passer rating differential is too low (plus-7.3, 10th best), it has trouble protecting the passer (6.7 percent adjusted sack rate, 17th) and their pass coverage can be porous at times, especially against Rasul Douglas, who allows almost two yards per snap in coverage (1.9), the fifth-highest rate at the position this year.
As to regional performance covering both levels of examination, the CSC reported that the Cordillera Administrative Region posted the highest passing rate at 18.20 percent representing a total of 1,086 passers out of 5,968 total examinees.
Joe Flacco posted passer ratings of 121.7 and 91.4, throwing four touchdown passes and no interceptions.
(3) Separating the probability that the shooter is white based on the race of the passer (as done in columns 4 and 6) provides an initial estimate of racial gaps in passing.
T-test was used to measure the difference in the ratings of passers and non-passers and multiple regression analysis to find the predictors in the nursing licensure exam.
The cross-sectional areas of the holes created by the suture passers were: tapered needle = 0.37 [mm.sup.2], SutureLasso[TM] = 0.96 [mm.sup.2], BirdBeak[TM] = 2.20 [mm.sup.2], and Viper[TM] = 0.92 [mm.sup.2] (Table 1).
Some banks and large retailers can provide professional videotapes that demonstrate red flags and show check passers in action.(11) Using such training aids, along with examples of actual cases, reinforces the subject matter and helps employees remember important points.
At the same time, he rewrites Child's tragic mulattos as passers, thereby empowering the offspring of the sexual violation of black women to become an active menace to the perpetrators of such violence.
The passers will be required to use the same kind of throws they will employ in a game, always at the same speed.
Even though police frequently arrest check passers throughout the country, these street-level criminals generally possess little information concerning upper-echelon group members.
Passers of the March 17 Career Service Examination - Pen and Paper Test, professional and subprofessional levels, may now claim their Certification of Eligibility, the Civil Service Commission (CSC) announced Friday.
Completing the top passers are Shella Mae Catalan (Western Visayas) and Marvic John Leyson (Zamboanga Peninsula) - 88.11; Renan Carcusia (Southern Tagalog), Marites Corsiga (Davao region), and Jo Ann Painandos (Davao region) - 87.84; and Elvira Aves (Eastern Visayas), Precious Christy Compas (Western Visayas), and John Benedict Rodriguez (Northern Mindanao) - 87.57.