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1. Philosophy
a. any state of the mind in which it is affected by something external, such as perception, desire, etc., as contrasted with action
b. feelings, desires or emotions, as contrasted with reason
2. the sufferings and death of a Christian martyr


1. the sufferings of Christ from the Last Supper to his death on the cross
2. any of the four Gospel accounts of this
3. a musical setting of this
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a musical work set to a Gospel text of Jesus’ betrayal by Judas, imprisonment, and execution. Passions were introduced into Catholic practice in the fourth century and were performed during Holy Week. They were originally performed in a psalmodic manner, but, beginning in the 14th century, the type of passion based on a dialogue between a soloist, or deacon, and a choir prevailed. The roles of the characters in the drama gradually became more soloistic. In the 16th century the polyphonic motet passion took shape, and Protestant passions in German appeared, which made considerable use of the Protestant chorale. Folk stagings of passions, in which scenes of everyday life were included, developed simultaneously with the ecclesiastical dramatizations.

In the early 18th century the oratorio passion became established. This genre later lost its religious significance, and oratorio passions were performed as concert works. Outstanding examples of the oratorio passion are J. S. Bach’s St. John Passion and St. Matthew Passion.


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An obsessively passionate writer writes because he or she wants to boast about published stories and attain best-seller status.Research shows that obsessive passion is associated with burnout, anxiety, depression and unethical conduct.
Harmonious passion emerges when an activity for which one is passionate is internalized in an autonomous fashion (i.e., when a person feels free to engage in the activity, devoid of controlling contingencies).
Though currently it is just the first book of the trilogy that has received a passionate treatment, Instyle reveals that the author has plans to change the covers of other two parts of the book "Fifty Shades Darker" and "Fifty Shades Freed."
In the digital world, uncovering what one is passionate about and connecting to and expanding on that passion can occur fairly easily.
"Passionate love is one of the first dimensions of love to decrease in couples over time as the newness of a relationship begins to wane," Keith Welker, a doctoral student at Wayne State University, said.
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The 65-year-old star of TV hits such as All Creatures Great and Small revealed the diagnosis as she was forced to pull out of a UK tour of Kay Mellor's play A Passionate Woman to have treatment.
GAA: AIB LEINSTER CLUB SENIOR FOOTBALL CHAMPIONSHIP FINAL Dr Crokes (Kerry) v Castle haven (Cork) Today, Pairc Ui Chaoimh, 2pm Live on TG4 TV NOEL O'LEARY hopes it's not a passionate affair at Pairc Ui Chaoimh.
I am a passionate Scot and as long as I am a teacher I will teach Scottish history to my pupils.
As a result, HR policies and practices are not designed with a primary emphasis on matching employees with their dream jobs (jobs about which employees are passionate).
"Rigorous instruction led by a passionate and dedicated instructor is key in my estimation; but the reality is that a passionate drive requires a vast amount of unpaid overtime on the part of the instructor because it most often involves working/tutoring individually with his or her student(s) after class time.