passive display

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passive display

(1) A small, inexpensive LCD readout that uses segmented digits or characters (see LCD types).

(2) An LCD or OLED screen that uses passive matrix technology. See passive matrix, LCD, LCD types and OLED.

(3) A 3D TV that uses inexpensive polarized glasses. See polarized 3D.
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Gary Freeman, chief technology officer of Viztec, said, "This joint development will enable us to expand our current product capabilities for our Plastic Pixels displays from monochrome and color passive displays to include full-color active matrix displays.
The products includes 2 inch through 10 inch STN (Super Twisted Nematic) color and monochrome passive displays, and 12 inch and 15 inch active matrix TFT's (Thin Film Transistor).
The StarBak INV platform was developed in response to customer demand for a cost-effective video communications solution to distribute content to desktop users and passive displays such as televisions, LCD panels and plasma screens.
Because these messages engage all the senses, they have much more impact than passive displays.
The products include 12 inch and 15 inch active matrix TFT's (Thin Film Transistor), and 2-10 inch, STN (Super Twisted Nematic) color and monochrome passive displays.
These additional advantages consist of a resistive touchscreen option and the choice of TFT or STN passive displays.

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