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Even a marginal seasonal net solar heat gain (e.g., in cloudy cold climates) is not very suitable for passive solar heating because solar gains can be diminished by dust accumulation on windows, shading from vegetation, and off-south orientations.
Polished concrete floors also have a high thermal mass, contributing to passive solar heating and working well with in-floor heating coils.
The detached, 75-square-metre facility is entirely off-the-grid and boasts renewable energy features, such as rainwater recycling and passive solar heating. Apart from classroom use, the building will be used for special projects and as a place to host visits from other schools.
The home's long south-facing fagade with a ribbon clerestory provides passive solar heating and a three-foot overhang minimizes summer heat gain.
As an added benefit, the pilot lights, combined with copious insulation in the walls and ceiling, and passive solar heating from a large window, keep the office/ shop room from freezing in even the worst weather.
A conservatory was added to provide passive solar heating.
Intended for home owners and designed to cover most aspects of the solar conversion, the work walks the reader through the planning, installation and maintenance of solar hot water systems, pool heating, passive solar heating and cooling and photo-voltaic systems.
The sunspace provides passive solar heating, with 232 square feet of glazing to allow heat to enter and about 700 square feet of thermal mass to collect and store the heat for when it is needed.
SolarChoice Healers are passive solar heating window treatments that generate clean, efficient, and cost-saving heat.
The 1,930-square-foot home is highly insulated, has an extremely tight thermal envelope and its windows provide passive solar heating, which means that, as late as last December, when outside temperatures dropped into the teens, the Thomashows rarely needed to use energy from the home's photovoltaic solar panels to heat the home.
He foresees the day when future building codes will require LEED design and some form of passive solar heating. All new commercial and industrial construction will require some kind of energy generation.