password manager

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password manager

Software installed in the user's computer, mobile device or in a physical unit that connects to a USB port. Password managers are built into Web browsers, and they are also available as a Web-based service, allowing for password retrieval from any computer, smartphone or tablet.

Advantage = Complex Passwords
The major advantage of password managers is that they allow storage of passwords far more complex than users typically make up, and a different one can be created automatically for each website. Without a password manager, even if users create a strong password with letters, digits and special characters, they often use the same one for multiple sites. If compromised, everything the user does online is exposed.

Disadvantage = One Location
Although passwords are encrypted by a password manager, a singular disadvantage is that all the passwords are in one place. Cloud-based managers would be likely targets for attacks as well, and password managers have been hacked. However, unless the encryption keys are discovered, the passwords remain hidden.

Password Manager and Personal PIN
One approach to making a password manager more secure is to add a secret PIN at the end of each automatically generated password. Users have to manually append that PIN each time, but the same PIN can be used. If the password manager were ever compromised, the attackers would not have the full password, because the appended PIN is known only to the user. See password.
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Mainly because people don't "do passwords" right, many security professionals recommend the use of a password manager which enable the average user to create strong and unique passwords for every site or service, store them securely and handle the login process automatically, so you never have to remember a password again.
Keep Your Data Intact with TweakPass Password Manager
Here's how you can keep passwords secure: Never share your password with anyone in your office not even the IT service desk; never write your password down (this includes on paper, email, IM) except if using a secure encrypted password manager; never use Remember Passwords from search engines an email programmes; if your password is compromised, report it to IT and change all your passwords; lock your computer every time you leave your desk; and use unique passwords for different accounts.
A password manager is a software application that you can download on your phone or computer and use it to generate strong passwords for your accounts.A password manager is like a safe for keeping passwords.
Kaspersky Password Manager allows users to manage valuable digital data both securely and effectively, anywhere and from any device.
I'm an evangelist for password manager apps, despite a security flaw recently found in many of them.
Cyclonis Limited has complied with AppEsteem's stringent review and approval process to earn the AppEsteem Certification for Cyclonis Password Manager, a password management application that helps boost online productivity by encrypting, organizing, and providing easy access to passwords, the company said.
Dublin-based software company Cyclonis Limited announced on Saturday that following a stringent review and approval process by AppEsteem, the Cyclonis Password Manager has been certified as meeting demanding guidelines for clean software.
WORLDWIDE COMPUTER PRODUCTS NEWS-December 31, 2018-Cyclonis' Password Manager application earns AppEsteem Certification
This includes avoiding using the same password for multiple accounts, avoiding words that are easy to guess and using a reputable password manager.
Users of Cyclonis Password Manager will also find numerous tutorials and How-to guides with which they'll be able to learn how their free password manager works, and what they can do to get the most out of it.
A better option for handling this challenge is using a reputable password manager. There are plenty of free or low-cost tools that individuals can use to keep track of their unique passwords, and there are also enterprise-grade solutions that organizations can use to help employees manage internal passwords for administrative or privileged accounts.