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, pastil
1. an aromatic substance burnt to fumigate the air
2. Med a small coated paper disc formerly used to estimate the dose or intensity of radiation (esp of X-rays): it changes colour when exposed
3. a variant of pastel (sense 1)



a confection prepared by beating sugar and egg white into fruit puree (whipped pastille). The porous, foamy mass is usually thickened by blending it with a hot, sticky, gelatigenous syrup made from sugar, starch syrup, and agar (gum pastille) or with a fruit-jelly paste (boiled pastille). Individual pastilles are then formed from the resulting gelled, foamy mass. Depending on the type of pastilles being made, the finished products are left to stand or to dry at high temperatures, either before or after forming. Pastilles must be stored at a relative humidity of 75–80 percent and at a temperature no higher than 20°C.

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And the punter who buys the Pastil chair will be able to sit in the pool in summer, or use it as a makeshift sledge in winter - making it a real seat of power.
Team tracksuits and swimming vests carried the Rowntrees Fruit Pastil Lolly logo and exploited the natural link between surfing, sun, the seaside and thirst-quenching refreshment.
[Richmond, though not a part of Nestle, owns the rights to its frozen dessert brand in the UK.] I am delighted that, with immediate effect, visitors to these landmark locations will able to enjoy our best-selling products such as Smarties Pop-Up, Fruit Pastil lolly, and Fab."
Ladayo said that for Muslim poll watchers of the Duterte camp, it would be BYOP or Bring Your Own Pastil (rice meal wrapped in banana leaves).
The transaction will add several major Nestle brands, including Rolo, Smarties, Lyons Maid, Fab, Fruit Pastil, Maxibon, and After Eight to Richmond's portfolio, and will turn the group into the second leading marketer in U.K.'s estimated [pound]1.0 billion ice cream market.
For the past weeks, numerous reports of children and adults falling ill to durian candies, pastil, macapuno candies, and okoy were published.
In Sultan Kudarat, 13 college students and a teacher of the province's state university were hospitalized after eating pastil that they bought from another student on campus.
Pastil is a Maguindanaoan dish made of steamed rice topped with chicken adobo flakes and wrapped in banana leaves.
THIRTEEN college students and a teacher were hospitalized after eating pastil inside the Sultan Kudarat State University's campus in Lutayan town Wednesday afternoon, police said.
Carl's Jr.'s crispy burritos, Dreyer's peppermint ice cream, Route 196's garlic and cheese pizza, Bugsy's steak, Jack in the Box's jalapeno poppers, peaches straight out of a can, silvanas from Dumaguete, Yellow Cab's folded pizza, pastil from our favorite place in Davao, pizza-flavored Pringles, Sebastian's sapin-sapin ice cream, Crazy Katsu's sukiyaki, Gonuts Donuts' pizza donuts-you can find these and many more on my Instagram feed.
840727 Solid and liquid non medical food substances of plant origin to vitalize the immunity of the organism and invigorate health in the form of powdered mixtures, drops, syrups, gels, creams, tablets, fizzy tablets, pastils, coated tablets, capsules, bonbons, jelly, powders, all for non-medical purposes, coffee and coffee substitutes, cereal flakes and other grain products for human nutrition, muesli, teas; all included in Class 30.