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, pastil
1. an aromatic substance burnt to fumigate the air
2. Med a small coated paper disc formerly used to estimate the dose or intensity of radiation (esp of X-rays): it changes colour when exposed
3. a variant of pastel (sense 1)



a confection prepared by beating sugar and egg white into fruit puree (whipped pastille). The porous, foamy mass is usually thickened by blending it with a hot, sticky, gelatigenous syrup made from sugar, starch syrup, and agar (gum pastille) or with a fruit-jelly paste (boiled pastille). Individual pastilles are then formed from the resulting gelled, foamy mass. Depending on the type of pastilles being made, the finished products are left to stand or to dry at high temperatures, either before or after forming. Pastilles must be stored at a relative humidity of 75–80 percent and at a temperature no higher than 20°C.

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The one shown here came in for sale recently - a Georgian bronze pastille burner estimated at PS200-300 at auction.
Pastille burners were modelled, amongst other things, as cottages, castles, gatehouses, churches, lodges, gazebos and dovecotes, often decorated extensively with flowers.
First an initiation step in which the thickness of the zone around the pastille decreases down to a minimum value (200-300 [[micro]meter]).
The pastille burner did the same for rooms or even whole houses.
The new closure features the shape of the pastille and it is bandy for the consumer to open and feel the quality material.
The pastilles were created for the world famous Italian tenor, Enrico Caruso, and have since been endorsed by a raft of big-name singers.
Also new is Morstille 18, a pastille form of DSTDP from Morton Performance Chemicals.
In testimonies on the Vocalzone website, Stereophonics' Kelly Jones, Katherine Jenkins, Cerys Matthews, Lostprophets' Ian Watkins and The Last Republic's Johnnie Owen all sing the praises of the little black pastille.
The innovative mixture of watercolours and acrylic pastille masterpieces include scenes depicting landscapes and wildlife.