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According to Isakov, one of the locals said 25 heads of sheep died in Buchuk settlement of the Solton-Sary pasture.
As a result, MARS algorithm may be a good approach to predict pasture revenue and to capture ideal cut-off values of significant factors affecting the revenue for increasing profitability of lamb meat production in the sheep.
From the midpoint of lambing (L1) until the onset of the study (L58 and L51 in 2015 and 2016, respectively), lambs and ewes were managed as a single mob on a ryegrass dominant clover pasture. Lambs were orally drenched every 28 days, as per standard practice in New Zealand, beginning at L26 in 2015 and L25 in 2016 with Ancare 'Matrix' triple combination drench (Merial Ancare, Manukau City, New Zealand) at a rate of 1 mL per 5 kg live weight to reduce the risk of worm burden.
The larger environmental, social and public health benefits of the community pasture program include water filtration and retention, carbon sequestration and climate change mitigation, wildlife and waterfowl habitat, biological diversity, wetland protection, native prairie and fragile ecosystem protection and soil conservation.
The objective of this study was to determine the effect of (i) pasture type, (ii) leucaena stand age (0-40 years) and (iii) profile depth (0-1.0 m) on the amount (t [ha.sup.-1]) and origin ([C.sub.3]- or [C.sub.4]-C) of fLF-C using stable [sup.13]C isotopes.
The county government said it is going to train farmers on how they can earn income from pasture farming in areas that do not support food crop production.
Under the MOU, 100 acres of CUVAS land will be developed into a diversified forest-cum-grazing pasture for multi-species grazing.
The Meteorological Department has equally announced that the long rains that start from March to May would be depressed.But going forward, the herders would not need to wander in search of pasture and water as technology has come to their rescue.
An increase in the number of eggs laid by a modern laying flock on pasture is not likely, though.
Table 2: Relative abundance of species recorded from pasture and cropland from Jhelum, Punjab, Pakistan during 2015-2016.
Nthe s Hoof It, winner of six-furlong feature in 2011, also represents Easterby, but it's Perfect Pasture who catches the eye.