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a genus of monkeys of the family Cer-copithecidae, order Primates. Body length of the male, 58–75 cm; tail length, 62–74 cm; weight, 7.5–12.5 kg. The limbs are long, and the canine teeth are very large. The fur is usually reddish brown; the forearms, the underside of the body, and the tip of the tail are light yellow; the whiskers are white.

Erythrocebus monkeys are found in Africa south of the Sahara, in Senegal, the Sudan, Ethiopia, and Uganda. They live in wooded steppes and open savannas. In daytime they search for food (grasses, beans, fruits, grain, and small animals), taking cover in the tall grass. At night they perch in trees. They stay in groups of 5–30. The troop is often headed by an old female. The monkeys are very cautious; when Frightened they can run swiftly on their hind legs. Erythrocebus monkeys are kept in zoos.


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WOBURN Safari Park's entire troop of 13 Patas monkeys were killed in a fire believed to have been sparked by a faulty generator.
Table 4: Wildlife species percentage preference for hunting at the site Species Percentage (%) Rodents (Cane rat, giant rat, squirrel 55% Artiodactyla (bush buck, duiker) 20% Primate (Patas monkey, Baboon, Galagos) 20% Aves (birds) 5% Table 5: Meats price rate per kilogram and percentage preference rate Meat Source Price rate in % (PPR) Naira (N)/kilo Beef 430 20.6 Pork 400 10.5 Fish 300 25.6 Chicken 550 10.0 Bush meat 850 33.5 N: Naira, currency value in Nigeria.
For example, SIVs have been found in wild-living yellow baboons (Papio hamadryas cynocephalus) in Tanzania (7) and patas monkeys (Erythrocebus patas) in Senegal (8).
Two species of introduced nonhuman primates currently thrive on the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico: rhesus macaques (Macaca mulatta) and patas monkeys (Erythrocebus patas) (1).
Their conclusion: the Lorax was inspired by the patas monkeys that live in West and East Africa.
All 13 Patas monkeys were killed in a fire at Woburn Safari Park Daniel Davies/Woburn Safari Park
The socioecology of adult female patas monkeys and vervets in Kenya.
Mr Morse said several teams are out looking for the social, but docile, Patas monkeys, and that they are no threat to humans.
In addition, transplacental ENU exposure led to a higher incidence of multiple tumor types in the offspring than when the ENU was given to juvenile patas monkeys (Rice et al.
Numerous anthropoid species such as baboons, patas monkeys, langurs, vervets, geladas, etc.