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Our solution is to leaven the white mix with a little pure blue, for example meconopsis betonicifolia and the courtyard refugee salvia patens.
patens cover differed among Nelson's Sparrows and random locations ([F.
The highest AMF colonization was found in Thelypteris patens (M=78%) and Anemia phyllitidis (M=77%), which were also characterized by high arbuscule richness (A=76%).
Meanwhile, said the official, both sides have agreed to incorporate intellectual-property into the ECFA, including mutual acknowledgement of the priority right of patens and protection of renowned trademarks, which will be a boon for Taiwanese-invested enterprises in China.
These wetland plant communities were said to be dominated by a combination of sedges and grasses including Scirpus pungens (= Schoenoplectus pungens), Spartina patens, Fimbristylis castanea, Fuirena simplex and Rhynchospora colorata by Lonard et al.
Owen Ramsden was a prolific supplier of church plate: chalices, patens and ciboria, alms dishes and crosiers, drawing on both Gothic and Romanesque styles.
Objet owns more than 50 patens and patent pending inventions.
Visitors of other faiths may find this gallery too short on how the chalices, patens, thuribles and ciboria are used in the Mass.
Rather than taking the risky and often inaccurate approach of treating intellectual property law as a single specialty, the authors work through the individual components of copyrights, patens and trademarks separately.

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