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IT HAS been 12 years since Libor Pesek held the post of the Royal Liverpool Philharmonic's principal conductor, but he seemed very much at home on the stage last night - patent leather shoes glimmering under the lights and just a flash of red in his tailcoat pocket.
Topshop.; FOLK Paisley print tunic pounds 40, knitted gilet pounds 40, suede and patent leather shoes pounds 40, ring pounds 3.50, bracelet pounds 7.50, necklace pounds 10.
When the mountain rescuers arrived, they saw he was wearing flimsy patent leather shoes which were unsuitable for walking so they called the RAF in to airlift him to safety.
Among the other shows for which Walsh did the musical staging were "The 1940s Radio Hour" (1979), "Do Patent Leather Shoes Reflect Up?" (1982) and "My Favorite Year" (1992).
Rather, it is reminiscent of one of those old-fashioned home encyclopaedias - the sort of book your dad would buy you because he saw a handy tip about cleaning your patent leather shoes with a dab of petroleum jelly.
School uniform (cover): St Julie's HighSchool, from John Lewis; DKNY grey socks, pounds 10; Louis Vuitton bag, pounds 350, gift from grandmother; Louis Vuitton hair bobbles; pounds 80; Ravel black patent leather shoes, pounds 45.
They flood the trains in the morning, their conservative navy blue suits crisp and clean, their patent leather shoes shiny enough to please the toughest drill sergeant.