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see Pearl, ThePearl, The,
one of four Middle English alliterative poems, all contained in a manuscript of c.1400, composed in the West Midland dialect, almost certainly by the same anonymous author, who flourished c.1370–1390.
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see solitairesolitaire
or patience,
any card game that can be played by one person. Solitaire is the American name; in England it is known as patience. There are probably more kinds of solitaire than all other card games together.
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miserere, subsellium

A ledge on the bottom of a hinged seat in a church; when the seat is raised, the ledge provides some support for a worshiper or choir singer who, in standing, leans against it.
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See also Longsuffering.
idealized personification of patience and perseverance. [Br. Lit.: Amelia]
dock bloom
symbolizes patience. [Flower Symbolism: Jobes, 454]
constant and patient wife of Sir Geraint. [Welsh Lit.: Mabinogion; Br. Lit.: “Idylls of the King”]
lady immortalized for patience and wifely obedience. [Br. Lit.: Canterbury Tales, “Clerk of Oxenford’s Tale”]
bore Leontes’ unfounded jealousy, thus gaining his love. [Br. Lit.: The Winter’s Tale]
serves Laban for fourteen years before receiving permission to marry Rachel. [O.T.: Gen. 24:34]
underwent trial by God at Satan’s suggestion. [O.T.: Job]
Penelope Odysseus’
wife; model of feminine virtue, waits twenty years for husband’s return. [Gk. Lit.: Odyssey]
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Chiefly Brit any of various card games for one player only, in which the cards may be laid out in various combinations as the player tries to use up the whole pack
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"When one hears the word patience, a lot of people think of 'waiting for a long time' and sitting idle doing nothing' but it is not my interpretation of patience.
Ms Patience is a storyteller from Aberdeen who has long made her home in Port Skerra, near Melvich in Sutherland.
The president paid tributes to the courage and patience of the bereaved families and said the entire nation stood with their armed forces for defense of the country.
A few months earlier, Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Sergei Ryabkov also used the term 'strategic patience' while describing Moscow's policy towards Washington.
'I know I spent a lot of my time at work, especially now, that is why I really appreciate my wife's patience. May Allah bless her always,' said the premier who turned 94 two days ago.
"But we showed fantastic patience and eventually we took one of our chances and the game then changes in our favour, and we go on from there to build and keep showing really good quality."
Tribune Online recalls that Justice Justice Mojisola Olatoregun of a Federal High Court in Lagos on Monday ordered the permanent forfeiture of the sums of N9.2bn and $8.4m recovered from the wife of former President Goodluck Jonathan, Patience.
Winifred Peters, who claims that she was on the scene of the assault notes that Blayee had repeatedly warned Patience not to smoke marijuana (grass) in public, but she refuses to heed his advice.
The prophetic traditions alluring to patience as a major facet of one's character are a plenty.
And behold the camel, how it was created: not from mud and water, but as if from patience and a mirage.
Pakistan may be exercising the patience of Job but our patience is not infinite.