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, patin, patine
a plate, usually made of silver or gold, esp the plate on which the bread is placed in the Eucharist
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patten, patand, patin

1. The base of a column or pillar.
2. A base or a groundsill which supports a column, post, or pillar.
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Seth Patin, CEO of LogistiVIEW recently discussed connected worker platform technology with Abdul Montaqim, Editor of Robotics and Automation News.
Compare with other aqua-lives like patin tilapia is more sensitive and easily affected by contaminated water...)
US mission spokesman Paul Patin said Washington's special envoy for Syria Michael Ratney would be at July 26's meeting in Geneva.
The students whose work is on display: Emily Albertson, Brinkley Capriola, Katherine Carlson, Matt Ellis, Megan Griffin, Diana Patin, Keelan Sullivan and Rachel Troiano.
"I'm angry,'' said James Patin, 19, a student at Clark University.
"DTS and OneAccess recently joined forces to deliver a long awaited solution to government and energy markets to successfully transmit VPN across multiple transport networks with a latency of 700 milliseconds or greater," said Daniel Patin, General Manager Data Technology Solutions.
Head of Tangkit Baru Village Andi Baharu Alam said on Monday the Vice President is expected to inaugurate the 'patin' catfish meal factory next week, February 12.
However, we must note the recent evidence of the possibly Philistine origins of the lower Orantes kingdom of Patin (originally Palistin, Hawkins 2011) and the possibility that the only locus of continuity in northern Syria was Carchemish itself, whence the Hieroglyphic Luwian tradition was revived elsewhere.
Today, as investigations in the beach resort of Patin the beach resort of Pattaya are ongoing, tribtaya are ongoing, tributes were paid to former utes were paid to former council worker Kenneth council worker Kenneth Fulcher.
The first tells the story of then-6-year-old Jessica Patin, a girl whose EpiPen likely saved her life after her skin came in contact with cashews one day at a friend's house for a play date.