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In the lumber industry, abbr. for pattern.


As applied to a specimen of neat cement paste, a sample about 3 in. (7.6 cm) in diameter and ½ in. (1.3 cm) in thickness at the center and tapering to a thin edge; applied on a flat glass plate to determine the setting time.


(Port Address Translation) The most common way network address translation is implemented (see NAT). Also called "NAT overloading," "network address port translation" (NAPT) and "NAT/PAT."

PAT assigns a different TCP port number to each client session with a server on the Internet. When responses come back from that server, the source port number becomes the destination port number and determines which user to route the packets to. It also validates that the incoming packets were indeed requested. See NAT traversal, UDP hole punching, private IP address, RSIP and proxy server.

By using a different port number for each user, the NAT device knows which client PC to route the incoming packets to. See TCP/IP port.
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Xi Xi's family members are named Cha-Ching, Bling Bling, Sing Sing and Fung You), which then gets patly upended in equally cartooned, warm-and-fuzzy fashion later on.
And the film's ending in that disco is a bit too patly upbeat.
Handsome-looking item should do well in Latin American markets (it debuted at home this January), but is too patly commercial to follow helmer's recent "Orfeu" or golden oldies "Xica" and "Bye Bye Brasil" into international arthouses.
She tolerates no disrespect, however, especially from men, revealing, perhaps too patly, childhood sexual abuse as an explanation.