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An application management suite from BMC that uses agents to report on software activities on all the servers within the enterprise. Using the information in "knowledge modules" (KMs) about each system component, agents detect events, collect information and notify system and network administrators to take corrective action.



a reconnaissance or security element sent out by subunits and units in a combat situation.

The composition of the patrol during action in vehicles is from one tank (armored personnel carrier, combat vehicle) to a platoon; in dismounted formation it may be two or three soldiers (members of a patrol), a (patrol) squad, or a motorized rifle platoon. In addition, engineer and chemical reconnaissance patrols are sent out in the special troops. The missions of the patrol include obtaining intelligence concerning the enemy, terrain, and radiation and chemical situation and warning troops of surprise enemy attacks. The patrol carries out its missions by surveillance and combat. The distance between the patrol and the main forces depends on its composition, the assigned mission, and the combat situation. In the navy the patrol consists of individual ships or aircraft dispatched from large ship units to check whether an enemy is present.


The organized employment of aircraft to detect enemy presence in a specific area or movement across a specific line. A standing patrol is one that is airborne either over a point to be defended or on the route through which the enemy is expected to intrude.
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The Patrol V6 is identical in design to the Patrol V8 and will be available in both XE and SE grades, each with many optional extras available.
Available exclusively in the Middle East in September, the Patrol V6 is identical in design to the Patrol V8 and will be available in both XE and SE grades.
Sometimes, for combat tasks such as a large raid or an area ambush, a patrol may consist of most of the combat elements of a rifle company.
Suffice to say, the offenses have been serious enough that a bipartisan array of House and Senate members have called for investigations of the trial and sentencing and have urged President Bush to pardon the Border Patrol agents.
In a month-long preparation for deployment, the patrol boats Monomoy and Maui underwent maintenance in Portsmouth, Va.
While mainstream media outlets and local public officials portray these groups as fringe elements, vigilantes and Border Patrol agents occupy essentially the same piece of a violent border society.
Overall, measured in arrests per hour, a dedicated saturation patrol is the most effective method of apprehending offenders.
It is also important to park vehicles well away from school crossing patrol sites so that the patrol has a clear view of approaching vehicles and to ensure that the drivers can clearly see the patrol and children.
Bunton issued a stern injunction warning the Border Patrol to stop detaining people just because they looked Hispanic; he also cleared the way for a class-action suit against the agency.
There are many good, experienced Border Patrol agents who have retired or resigned out of anger and frustration, and we can't afford to lose these guys.
Although all of the chapters are relevant in some manner to the subject of patrol officer problem solving, some seem more directly involved than others.