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(pətro͞on`) [Du.,=patron or employer], in American history, the name given to a Dutch landowner in New Netherland who exerted manorial rights in colonial times. To encourage emigration of Dutch farmers to America, the Dutch West India Company, by a 1629 charter, granted large estates (16 mi/26 km of land along navigable rivers or 8 mi/13 km on each shore and extending inland as far as it proved convenient) to members of the company who would establish settlements of 50 persons within four years. These company members, called patroons, were granted many privileges that were feudal in nature—the right to hold land as a perpetual grant, the right to establish civil and criminal courts, and the right to appoint local officers. Settlers were exempt from public taxes for a decade, but they were specifically required to pay the patroon in money, goods, or services. Manufacturing was prohibited under heavy penalty, and commerce was restricted to a great extent. Before long several estates were established along the Delaware, Connecticut, and Hudson rivers. In 1640 the charter was revised by the Dutch West India Company; the size of the land grants was halved, manufacturing was permitted, and all Dutch inhabitants in good standing could obtain estates. Native American raids, mismanagement, and insufficient cooperation from the Dutch West India Company, however, caused the patroons to fail. The only patroonship that succeeded was Rensselaerswyck, a large estate on the Hudson, which remained in the hands of the Van Rensselaer family until the middle of the 19th cent. After New Netherland came under English control in 1664, the patroon system continued and underwent few changes until 1775, when patroons became proprietors of estates. Some characteristics of feudal tenure did remain, and this condition brought about increasing tension between landlord and tenant in New York state until the Antirent WarAntirent War,
in U.S. history, tenant uprising in New York state. When Stephen Van Rensselaer, owner of Rensselaerswyck, died in 1839, his heirs attempted to collect unpaid rents.
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 (1839–46) brought about important modifications.


See S. G. Nissenson, Patroon's Domain (1937, repr. 1973).

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In conclusion I found the Dutch Model 73 revolver a rugged, well built, decent handling revolver although considering the rather sedate ballistics of the Scherpe patroon No.
Die geleidelike ontplooiing van Karolina Ferreira se verhouding met Jess Jankowitz verloop ook allermins op die geykte patroon.
The return of the narrator after the scene at the theatre and then bookending Newland's reunion with Ellen at the patroon house on the Hudson (though her narrating voice is absent from the scene itself), adds to our detachment from Newland as much as does the ironic humour of Beaufort's words.
Hierdie voorgestelde profiel van jong babas met pediatriese MIV/VIGS in Suid-Afrika asook uitgebreide navorsing elders oor die oordrag, patroon van verloop en mediese impak van kongenitale MIV/VIGS kan die vroee identifikasie van die toestand asook VI-programontwikkeling bevorder.
Die waarskuwings mag in die toekoms as bewyse dien van 'n patroon in sy gedrag.
When the English took over the colony from the Dutch in 1664, the patroon system was continued and, indeed, large manors were allotted to English settlers.
It was established in 1642 by the Patroon of Rensselaerwyck Patent to serve his settlers.
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One of his characters, the mutinous soldier Jack Maloney, recalls the words of Thomas Paine and the promise of freedom and says, yes, he is willing to die for that freedom, but "not for that craven Congress in Philadelphia, not for the fine Pennsylvania ladies in their silks and satins, not for the property of every dirty lord and fat patroon in New Jersey.
Connoisseurs can sample the creations of the international chef pairs, including Chef Hance Bannister of Coral Reef Cub in Barbados and Chef Rick Moonen of Oceana in New York; Chef Renee Griffith of Turtle Beach in Barbados and Chef Michel Nishan of Heartbeat in New York; and Chef Michael Harrison of Carambola in Barbados and Chef Geoffrey Zakarian of Patroon in New York.
On the fine dining side, the new Grand Central District offers Patroon, Le Cirque 2000, Morton's and Michael Jordan's Steakhouse.
Many import brands start out by appealing to an emigrant population in the United States, Heineken never had that advantage, the days of the Dutch patroon being long past.