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patten, patand, patin

1. The base of a column or pillar.
2. A base or a groundsill which supports a column, post, or pillar.
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The court heard Patten, now 23, was a jobless alcoholic who lived at home with his mother.
In effect, Patten argues, a neutral state is one that broadens equal recognition to each culture.
Nathan Van Patten, who served as curator of the Memorial Library of Music 1952-55, often cited figures based on Otto E.
I seem to recall that the BBC was often guilty of bias during Lord Patten's tenure of office.
Patten has been writing for the SNL show since 2012, including Trump's 2015 episode where the president hosted the show in November that year. According to his biography on IMDb, Patten "is a writer and an actor, known for Saturday Night Live (1975), Comedy Central Roast of James Franco (2013) and Saturday Night Live: Best of This Season (2014)."
Patten was named to the RfM post in 2013, not long after having retired from a 20-year stint as president and CEO of Community Foundations of Canada, a network of community funding organizations based in Ottawa.
Van Patten, and under his leadership the first issue was published in 1966.
Patten, of Bridle Road, Eastham, Wirral, admitted assault causing actual bodily harm, but was cleared after a trial of raping and sexually assaulting the girl, 17.
Hong Kong: Hong Kong's last colonial governor Chris Patten on Saturday said a string of attacks on media workers was "profoundly serious", with fears over an erosion of press freedom intensifying in the city.
Bride and groom: Simon John Wood, 43, from Redcar, and Bernice Patten, 33, from Redcar.
Not that anyone would want to, but it was almost impossible for a dance fan to avoid Sarah Van Patten the first weekend of May in San Francisco.