pattern matching

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pattern matching

A function is defined to take arguments of a particular type, form or value. When applying the function to its actual arguments it is necessary to match the type, form or value of the actual arguments against the formal arguments in some definition. For example, the function

length [] = 0 length (x:xs) = 1 + length xs

uses pattern matching in its argument to distinguish a null list from a non-null one.

There are well known algorithm for translating pattern matching into conditional expressions such as "if" or "case". E.g. the above function could be transformed to

length l = case l of [] -> 0 x:xs -> 1 : length xs

Pattern matching is usually performed in textual order though there are languages which match more specific patterns before less specific ones.

pattern matching

Descriptive of a type of language or utility such as awk or Perl which is suited to searching for strings or patterns in input data, usually using some kind of regular expression.
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The sample palm print images are taken from the CASIA database which used for improved feature pattern matching accuracy.
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Among the pattern matching algorithms, the pattern matching algorithm based on a heuristic with suffix matching, also called the shift-based algorithm, shows a faster average search time than the other algorithms [1]-[4].
Many companies have implemented less accurate solutions to avoid a performance penalty, but today, Tarari can offer the best of both worlds--sophisticated pattern matching at wire-speed.

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