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The drying up of the Karez's is causing huge social upheaval in Balochistan, with desertification, breakdown of social capital, community conflict, rural to urban migration and pauperisation.
"With their policies they undermine our future and are leading us and our parents to further pauperisation," the announcement said.
A travers l'evolution des travaux, l'auteur nous fait decouvrir les evenements menant au << Lundi rouge>>, le point culminant d'une greve illegale declenchee au printemps 1843 par les <<canal iers>> (neologisme du terme anglais canallers) mecontents de leur continuelle pauperisation. Leur court debrayage se termina par un affrontement sanglant contre des troupes de garnison envoyees pour ecraser l'effort greviste.
I fear that the way to defend our communities against job losses, wage cuts and pauperisation is that the people of Britain also will have to learn these lessons and TAKE the road of mass direct action.
It provoked communalism and served as a powerful instrument towards gradual marginalisation and pauperisation of Hindu community through eviction and dispossession of their land and homestead, breaking family ties, loss of human potential and formation of a parasitic vested interest groups - and all these have acted as barriers to human capital formation in the country." The demolition of Hindu temples that started after 28 February 2013 and continued unabated till now is the consequences of Vested Property Repeal (amendment) Act of 2011 and amendments thereafter.
Quoi qu'il en soit, au desastre de l'economie egyptienne et au desarroi d'un peuple en pauperisation chronique, le pouvoir en place reste, dans le meilleur des cas, sourd, a tout le moins peu receptif et, dans le pire, repressif.
No really, I haven't overdosed on Dickens, they've even come up with a new name - they're calling it the "pauperisation of Europe".
The constant harping on scroungers and cheats has been a cover for the pauperisation of the huge majority of those who live on benefits because of illness or because they cannot find work or have just lost their jobs.
Development processes result in the sense of being left out among those sections which are undergoing pauperisation while they see others prosper.
In the so-called "primitive capital accumulation" period, two contradicting processes were outlined: on one hand, the quality of life increase for those in higher classes, and on the other, the depreciation of life conditions and pauperisation of lower classes.
But more important than a hero's acre or a monument is a reckoning with the colonial legacy of torture, dehumanisation, and pauperisation. Mau Mau veterans who are still alive, along with their children and grandchildren, live in abject poverty and landlessness, and without formal education--living metaphors for the Kenyan majority poor.
The pauperisation of the Palestinian economy was further exacerbated by the punitive closure of Palestinian society.