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, pavan
1. a slow and stately dance of the 16th and 17th centuries
2. a piece of music composed for or in the rhythm of this dance, usually characterized by a slow stately triple time



(also pavan), a ballroom dance, apparently of Spanish origin (Spanish pavana, from Latin pavo, “peacock”); according to another theory, the pavane (Italian padovana) originated in Italy, in the city of Padua. It became popular in France. Its tempo is slow and stately, in duple time. As a musical genre it was widely represented in 16th- and 17th-century repertoires for the lute, clavichord, and instrumental ensembles, usually in combination with a galliard. The pavane is first encountered in published music in 1508.

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For Halloween, there is UV henna, which glows in the dark, while for masquerade balls, Pavan and her henna artists can paint on a mask of the glitter colour, which costs PS45.
Coming close on the heels of YSR Congress president YS Jagan's visit of the capital region, Pavan Kalyan targeted the former Chief Minister YS Rajasekhar Reddy alleging that government lands were indiscriminately sold and allotted to private parties during his regime.
Fleetwood, 20, will become the youngest Order of Merit winner if he finishes in the top two, but if he slips to third place or worse and Pavan wins, the Italian would follow in the footsteps of fellow countryman Edoardo Molinari, winner of the Challenge Tour in 2009.
Pavan is currently the leader of an international study of the economic value of the services that nature provides us for free--clean air, clean water, a habitable microclimate, pollination, filtration and flood protection, among many others.
The innovative point of the Pavan solution is the entire automation of all processing stages: The traditional manual noodle making process has been automatised maintaining the sensorial characteristics of the handmade product.
Like the race's namesake, Arthur Longsjo, Pavan is a bit of a renaissance man.
That stamina was tested in a quarter-final win against top Italian Andrea Pavan, again a very tight match which Sullivan sealed with a 30ft birdie putt at the 15th and finding the par five 17th with a three-iron approach.
Since we opened, more than 3,000 pati-ents have availed our services," Dr Pavan Kumar Shrivas-tava, medical director, Welcare, said.
Based on classic Indian folklore, Hanuman's Journey to the Medicine Mountain is the picturebook story of Hanuman, the monkey son of the celestial nymph Anjana and the wind god Pavan, and helper of Ram, who is the earthly incarnation of Lord Vishnu and hero of the Hindu epic known as the Ramayana.
In this sumptuous book, Aldo Pavan and his superb photographs trace the river's route from Uganda, across Ethiopia, Sudan and finally Egypt, capturing its beauty and many different phases and moods of this mighty African river.
4 Bruins, none of that mattered Thursday, as long as Sarah Pavan was on the court for the top-ranked Cornhuskers.
In the first column of page 805, an error was editorially introduced in the column which referred to Byrd's pavan and galliard BK 16 as his "third.