pavement sealer

asphalt pavement sealer

A compound applied to asphalt pavements to protect the surface from deterioration, from weathering, and from petroleum products.
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8) insulated; 485 lf of zinc coat steel wire; 1 ea of remove sm rd sn; 37 lf of reflective pavement marker type i; 1,415 lf of 4" pavement sealer, see attached file.
SealMaster Coal Tar Concentrate Pavement Sealer or Equal To is to be used for this contract.
Tenders are invited for cleaning and filling cracks, applying a polymer modified coal tar pavement sealer to theexisting asphalt parking lot surface, and re-painting the marking lines.
Clean out, prep and seal approximately 2,350 lineal feet of existing cracks with hot rubberized crack sealant; Clean, prep and apply one seal coat of industrial pavement sealer to approximately 103,970 square feet of existing asphalt; Restripe and repaint all parking stalls and pavement markings as existing, excluding painted curbs; Install blue hydrant markers where missing.
524,000 SY of gilsonite modified pavement sealer (GSB 88) and related work.
of asphalt parking areas, applying two coats of pavement sealer. Asphalt overlay approximately 932 sq.