pavement strength

bearing strength

The measure of the ability of a pavement to sustain the applied load (ICAO). Also called pavement strength or bearing capacity. See also pavement classification number.
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Lane County has approved most of the necessary permits for the trucking company's move into the old mill, and a company study of the pavement strength of Lane County-owned East Saginaw Road will determine whether the county needs to beef up the roadway to handle Nelson's trucks.
With a decrease in the pavement strength, abrupt change in the tensile strain appeared at increasing locations.
This model requires pavement condition, road roughness survey, existing traffic characteristics and residual pavement strength as input data and performs the analysis for the complete life cycle of the pavements normally 10 - 40 years andpredicts the pavement deterioration and its impact on road users besides social, economic and environmental impacts.
Investigators then load tested local PICP projects with an 18,000-lb.-rated truck axle to better understand deflection and pavement strength. Deflection data was used to estimate the stiffness (elastic modulus) of each pavement layer by conducting computer-based mechanistic analysis modeling that correlates modeled and measured stresses, surface deflections, and permanent strains (rutting) to pavement layer strengths.
2010): the evaluation of the structural adequacy, pavement strength and pavement maintenance record.
One of them involves using geogrids, which are made of geosynthetic materials, to reinforce pavement strength and reduce necessary thickness.
The main aspects that need to be considered in road pavement management systems are an assessment of the current stiffness and the predicted pavement strength in the future [3].
G2 and G3 have also achieved the targeted value and at the same time have given a better strength compared to the conventional flexible pavement strength, that is, 3 MPa.
--Structural condition based maintenance strategy mainly addresses pavement strength and remaining life.
The falling weight deflectometer (FWD) has become the most common piece of equipment that engineers use to measure pavement strength. Typically mounted on a trailer towed by a truck or van, the FWD drops a weight from various heights and measures the resulting pavement deflections at a fixed distance from the load.
Domededovo complied with standards including the useable runway dimensions, taxiway and runway surface pavement strength for receiving A380 aircraft.