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pavior, paviour

1. A brick used for paving.
2. A clamp brick of second quality which is hard, well-shaped, and of good appearance and color.
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And although Paviours closed the gap in the final moments, Bold were able to savour a victory that left no doubt about their promotion potential.
Paviours will also mark mining tragedies in Wrexham such as the 1934 Gresford Colliery Disaster, when an explosion killed 265 men and boys."
"We are quietly confident about tomorrow, we watched Paviours a month ago - although I am told their team has changed --and we'll do our best to pull it off.
They show the footways relaid with clay paviours in a pattern to reflect the rope-making heritage of the town.
When the glass in these shelters is broken (as it is on a regular basis) it is far more difficult to sweep up and the glass gets wedged between the paviours.
Q I HAVE what looks like moss on my paviours, which are next to flower beds.
The company's clay paviours, often used in large shopping malls, have also sold well and have gained an international reputation.
What I am concerned about is that every day one can see paviours being relaid and quality issues that need resolving.
About four feet away on each side of the stone area will be a band of concrete slabs, paviours or bricks.