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New Delhi [India], Jan 10 ( ANI ): Financial Services Secretary Rajeev Kumar on Wednesday clarified that the Government of India has no proposal to discontinue free banking services from January 20 and asked people not to pay heed to 'baseless rumours'.
CLA Cymru is reminding members to pay heed to EIA regulations before ploughing or cultivating unimproved land.
They said that local politician did not pay heed to resolve the genuine problems of area people in the previous regimes.
It urged the public not to pay heed to such allegations which may spark panic and fear among citizens and residents, stressing the importance of seeking credible information from the directorate of public and international relations.
I also tried to meet the chief minister on Friday, when he visited the village but he did not pay heed to my request.
We are confident that our employees will make the correct decision of opting for VSS for their own and their families' better future and not pay heed to a few disgruntled elements," he maintained.
Ministers should certainly pay heed to the concerns voiced today by Newcastle training group boss David Grailey about the targets being set as part of this project.
He said previous governments since 2005 did not pay heed to the human development issue.
He is a great footballer, but I'm not sure we need to pay heed to all his suggestions.
He said "I think we should pay heed to these cries.
But it is not certain if it will pay heed to residents' plea to offer free parking on such days to ensure more participation from the public.
Instead, he warned of stronger protests if the government does not pay heed to the demands.