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People are being made aware that they should not pay heed to the rumours and if they see someone suspicious, they should inform the nearest police station about it," he added.
The Joint Resistance Leadership said reason and humanity demands that instead of going for cosmetic measures to continue the status quo, India should pay heed to the message from the people and resolve the dispute.
CLA Cymru is reminding members to pay heed to EIA regulations before ploughing or cultivating unimproved land.
It urged the public not to pay heed to such allegations which may spark panic and fear among citizens and residents, stressing the importance of seeking credible information from the directorate of public and international relations.
Local BJP MLA from the Phaphna constituency Upendra Tiwari said, " We were here since morning and our party also handed over a cheque of ` 2.5 lakh to her father." " I also tried to meet the chief minister on Friday, when he visited the village but he did not pay heed to my request.
Ministers should certainly pay heed to the concerns voiced today by Newcastle training group boss David Grailey about the targets being set as part of this project.
NNA - 8/7/2011 - Agriculture Minister Hussein Hajj Hassan confirmed on Friday "the new government will work in harmony to find solutions to the various political, economic, and social problems." He said previous governments since 2005 did not pay heed to the human development issue.
He is a great footballer, but I'm not sure we need to pay heed to all his suggestions.
Instead, he warned of stronger protests if the government does not pay heed to the demands.
They are a danger to all pedestrians and a cause for concern to responsible cyclists who obey the rules of the road and pay heed to traffic lights.
This is a testament to the hard work of our officers, staff and partners - but also thanks to increased vigilance by members of the public who pay heed to crime reduction advice in respect of their possessions and their personal safety."