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(filename extension)
A filename extension for images created with the IBM PC Paintbrush tool.


(1) See PCI-X.

(2) The native bitmapped graphics file format in the earlier PC Paintbrush application. PCX supported monochrome, 2-, 4-, 8- and 24-bit color and uses RLE to achieve compression ratios of approximately 1.1:1 to 1.5:1. Images with large blocks of solid colors compress best under the RLE method. See PC Paintbrush.

(3) (PC to the power of X) In 2001, this was Intel's slogan for the digital home in which the PC was at the center, synchronizing with PDAs and cellphones. The name did not take off in the marketplace.
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The new capital will enable PCX to continue to grow and enhance their product offerings for new rotorcraft and fixed wing platforms while meeting the advanced requirements of the ever-changing aerospace industry.
The US Army helped mark the milestone with a landing of the CH-47F helicopter at the company's Connecticut headquarters at a special event highlighting the partnership between Boeing and PCX.
With the global market in mind, PCX was designed to provide both the ease-of-use customers expect from a scooter and innovative styling.
The Pinnacle PCX is the third generation of Pickering PCD instruments that has been used in this laboratory.
At Rochdale Borough Council the company is also installing an Alcatel Omni PCX Enterprise solution and 4760 Management software suite.
Taking advantage of this next generation PCI Express technology, PNY Technologies' new Verto PCX graphics cards, feature iso chronous data transfer to reduce system bottlenecks and bi-directional data transfer for blazing fast read-back performance.
PCX Aerostructures, LLC has appointed Jeff Frisby as President and CEO, succeeding Alan Haase, the company said.
A PCX internship gives students exposure to a knowledge base of seasoned aviation professionals who excel in applying innovative engineering concepts to solve complex machining issues in manufacturing.
NVIDIA GeForce PCX 5750 -- designed for high-performance gaming with NVIDIA's full suite of cinematic effects and an unmatched feature set.
PCX Aerostructures is a supplier of assemblies for rotorcraft and fixed wing aerospace platforms.
The innovative supply chain management capabilities of the PCX portal will boost our competitive edge within the surgery center marketplace.
Cam-Tech will operate as a wholly owned subsidiary of PCX.