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In a recent study on the peace dividends in the Middle East, the Sharijah Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the United Arab Emirates (6) argues that the superior quality of Israel's industries could dominate Arab economies.
2) First, a peace dividend might be derived from a substantial decrease in defense expenditures and the ensuing release of those resources for productive uses.
BE: Many people are looking for a so-called peace dividend.
Secretary [Dick] Cheney pointed out that people should not look for a peace dividend overnight because most of the defense department's expenditures are for personnel and he'd have to trim forces.
These projects should demonstrate peace dividends, build capacities of Government of Southern Sudan (GoSS) administration and encourage the participation and empowerment of communities affected by conflict and poverty.
Members of the Peace and Security Council of the African Union said more attention should be paid to recovery and development projects to provide the peace dividends to Darfur people.
The government had earlier resolved the need to rotate the annual peace celebrations among the state capitals across Southern Sudan and initiate and implement projects for the celebrations that would deliver peace dividends to the populations in the host states.
For some the peace penalties are outweighing the peace dividends with much of the south still in a state of humanitarian crisis.
With your determination and together with our great people like you, we can achieve a lot for our people and deliver peace dividends.