caesalpinia pulcherrima

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red bird of paradise

red bird of paradise

Common, strikingly beautiful shrub with intense orange and red flowers. Young seeds are edible (remove seed coating before eating) and taste like peas (plant is in pea family). NOTE: Its close relative, Caesalpinia gilliesii (Yellow bird of paradise), is also a common landscape plant and can be distinguished by its yellow flowers with long red stamens. The seeds of that bird of paradise are poisonous and cause severe irritation of the digestive tract! Medicine men use it, but normal people should leave it alone.
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EXOTIC: The Peacock flower (Tigridia pavonia) is well named
She can transport the reader with vibrantly detailed descriptions of settings, sounds, smells, flora and fauna: 'A pair of long-tailed parakeets flew past the bushes of the yellow-and-orange peacock flowers, twirling like flames around the boundary of the lake.' However, too much description ends up distracting.