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(sometimes US), pean
a hymn sung in ancient Greece in invocation of or thanksgiving to a deity
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peen, pean

The end of a hammer opposite the flat hammering face; may terminate in a cone-shaped, rounded, or sharply pointed face.
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Pean's patient was a girl aged 20 who presented with a massive abdominal tumour, which he diagnosed as a probable ovarian cyst.
One of them was Pierre Pean. A veteran journalist who has written books on a wide range of subjects, including an excellent account of Francois Mitterrand's youthful work for the Vichy government, Pean disagreed violently with the popular view of Rwanda.
James Hadley succeeds Pean and takes over as managing director Middle East.
But a Paris court ruled that Pean's description of a "culture of lies and deceit," "as brutal as it may seem, especially for victims of a genocide, cannot be seen as a specific accusation aimed at discrediting all Tutsis."
will be under the leadership of Jean-Marie Pean, who after several years of working closely with clients in the region becomes managing director for Bain in the Middle East.
It is assumed that the explosives ingredient was not dispatched by the Euro= pean Union, but labeled as aid by terrorist groups to take advantage of Isr= ael's efforts to appease human rights groups by limiting scrutiny of foreig= n aid shipments to Gaza.
The group blamed the fall on a downturn in equity markets during the second quarter of the year, with the FTSE All Share Index dropping by 1.8% during the period, while Euro- pean equities fell by 4.7%.
MUCS Michael La Pean directs the Pacific Fleet Band during the Dec.
Authors Pierre Pean and Philippe Cohen have published excerpts from 'La Face cachee du Monde' in the magazine L'Express over the past week and 50,000 copies of the book have now gone on sale in France.
At the time of these events, Francois Mitterr and was the leader of Duras's and Antelme's Resistance group, and in Une Jeunesse francaise [A Frenchman's Youth]: Francois Mitterrand, 1934-47, Pierre Pean offers alternative versions of many of the events Duras recounts in "Monsieur X." That there are differences in these two authors' stories is not surprising.
But Portillo hit back that for Cook to "equate opposition to a federal Euro- pean state to racism is contemptible".