pebble dash

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rock dash

An exterior stucco finish containing crushed rock, large pebbles, or shells that are imbedded in a stucco base; also called pebble dash or slap dash.
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A Try blasting it with high–pressure water, however, this will also remove some of the pebble dash.
A Painted pebble dash can look good but do a test patch on a concealed area first to make sure you have no problems with the paint staying put.
If you look closely at the back of HMV now, the famous 'Callers pebble dash cladding' that was above the front window of the new shop can actually still be seen.
John, 65, explained: "The house which was here before was a typical 1930s house with pebble dash on the outside and small slit-like windows.
Indeed, they were up there with swirly-patternedcarpets, stone cladding and pebble dash as a reason why people would lower their offer on a house.
You can carry on the good work by repainting the rendering or pebble dash.
Over the course of three-days the man persuaded Mr Todd to let him do other bits of work including putting down stone chippings and repairing pebble dash on the house.
The fire was so intense that it melted the pebble dash on the front of the house and the plastic frames of the double-glazed windows.
You're no good with the shakes with a paint brush in your hand unless you want a pebble dash effect on the ceiling.
It has solid walls with pebble dash on the render outside.
LOOPY Taiwan's costume PEBBLE DASH Austrian entry BLOOMING Helena in floral Japanese lingerie ANGELIC Australia's design PASTA TWIRL Italy's entry
HIGH JUMP: Athletic Zoe clears the bar and says bye bye to the barbie; LONG JUMP: Ms Ball takes a leap on to the beach; HURDLES: Nothing will get in the way of Zoe's pebble dash