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see scallopscallop
or pecten,
marine bivalve mollusk. Like its close relative the oyster, the scallop has no siphons, the mantle being completely open, but it differs from other mollusks in that both mantle edges have a row of steely blue "eyes" (which use a mirror consisting of
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a genus of sea invertebrates, class Bivalvia. The shell is round with a straight hinge edge. The surface is covered with radial ribs fanning out from the top. The shell valves close through contraction of a single strong muscle. Young Pecten attach to seaweed or other underwater objects by means of a byssus, but mature Pecten lie freely on the bottom. Pecten are able to “leap” by forcibly ejecting a stream of water from the shell. Some types have commercial value since the muscle is used for food. The genus Pecten comprises dozens of species and has been divided into several smaller genera in recent years. P. maximus and Flexopecten glaber inhabit the Black Sea. Mizuhopecten jessoensis is found in the Seas of Japan and Okhotsk; its diameters reach 17 cm. Chlamys islandicus(up to 7.7 cm long and 8 cm high) and Propeamussium groenlandicum(up to 3.4 cm long) are found in northern seas.


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Any of various comblike structures possessed by animals.
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It has been demonstrated that Pecten sulcicostatus is most likely to spawn between June and September, which in turn designates the best time to collect, condition, and spawn this species.
In all these, there is a predomination of the genus Patella, followed, in terms of weight, by the species Pecten maximus (Linnaeus, 1758) and Callista chione (ibidem).
The age and growth of the scallop, Pecten maximus (L.), in Manx waters.
Shell's pecten, on the other hand, reflects the roots of the company when they were in the business of importing seashells for collectors.
(1999) mejoraron la supervivencia larvaria de Pecten maximus cuando se usa una mezcla de Roseobacter sp.
Scape of antenna slender, yellowish-white on dorsal surface, brownish on anterior and posterior surface, without pecten; flagellum yellowish-white, with specialized long, yellowish-white hairs in basal 2/ 5 anteriorly, apical 7th black (Fig.
The Subsea 7 work scope includes installation of 14 miles of 12-inch rigid pipeline to connect the subsea production trees at the Henry-2 and Netherby locations, together with 4 rigid spool pieces and also the installation of about 14 miles of electro-hydraulic umbilical from Casino-4 to Pecten East locations.
A notch in the wax wall allowed access of a pecten to the chamber (Fig.
(1982) extracted carotenoids from the gonads of four species of scallops, i.e., Chlamys nipponensis akazara, Pecten albicans, Chlamys nobilis, and Patinopecten yessoensis.