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see scallopscallop
or pecten,
marine bivalve mollusk. Like its close relative the oyster, the scallop has no siphons, the mantle being completely open, but it differs from other mollusks in that both mantle edges have a row of steely blue "eyes" and tactile projections.
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a genus of sea invertebrates, class Bivalvia. The shell is round with a straight hinge edge. The surface is covered with radial ribs fanning out from the top. The shell valves close through contraction of a single strong muscle. Young Pecten attach to seaweed or other underwater objects by means of a byssus, but mature Pecten lie freely on the bottom. Pecten are able to “leap” by forcibly ejecting a stream of water from the shell. Some types have commercial value since the muscle is used for food. The genus Pecten comprises dozens of species and has been divided into several smaller genera in recent years. P. maximus and Flexopecten glaber inhabit the Black Sea. Mizuhopecten jessoensis is found in the Seas of Japan and Okhotsk; its diameters reach 17 cm. Chlamys islandicus(up to 7.7 cm long and 8 cm high) and Propeamussium groenlandicum(up to 3.4 cm long) are found in northern seas.



Any of various comblike structures possessed by animals.
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Intense bursts of phasic contractions occur at the start of escape responses by Pecten fumatus (Reeve 1852), whereas Mimachlamys asperrima (Lamark 1819) makes a short series of phasic contractions at the beginning of the response, with a slower overall rate of phasic contraction (Fig.
The pecten and the central fundus were the most easily identified areas on direct ophthalmoscopy.
Age determination of scallops, Pecten maximus (Linaeus, 1758), using stable oxygen isotope analysis, with some implications for fisheries management in British waters.
Bacterial problems associated with scallop Pecten maximus larval culture.
The anterior segment changes made fundic detail less distinct; however, the margins of the pecten were particularly indistinct and the pecten appeared engorged.
Because the stability of a recording often depended on the animal's inability to move its pecten, we improved the method of adhering the pecten to the cover glass.
BASKETBALL: Aberdeen's only national senior league side, NOSKAB Buccaneers, will be wary of their short trip to Woodbank Sports Centre tomorrow for a men's Scottish Cup tie with Pecten Flyers.
The complex, which is a joint venture with the Shell Oil subsidiary, Pecten Arabian Company, will now benefit from a new MTBE plant as well, which will be capable of producing some 700,000 tons a year.
The relationship between these indicators has only been studied in the northern hard clam Mercenaria mercenaria (Gallager & Mann 1986), king scallop, Pecten maximus (Le Pennec et al.
In 1983 Pecten and its parent Shell took over Samoco's 65% and Deminex had 35%.
Al Furat was set up in May 1985 as follows: SPC, 50%; Pecten Syria Petroleum (of Shell/Houston), 15.
This pattern also has not been examined statistically, although reports from different species conflict, with Dakin (1910) discounting any relationship between animal size and the number of eyes whereas Butcher (1930) claimed larger Pecten gibbus borealis (the bay scallop, now known as Argopecten irradians) had more eyes than smaller ones.