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(sometimes US), pedagog
1. a teacher or educator
2. a pedantic or dogmatic teacher
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a teacher in a general-education, vocational, secondary specialized, or higher educational institution. The term also denotes preschool teachers and teachers in boarding schools, children’s homes, and educational colonies, as well as employees in extracurricular institutions and professional educators.

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There is no separating Bartok the pedagogue from Bartok the composer.
Une baisse que les syndicats imputent aux marches populaires alors que les pedagogues estiment que les causes sont a chercher ailleurs.
Most recently, Chino was accepted into the Universitat Mozarteum Salzburg to study with legendary French violinist and pedagogue Pierre Amoyal, who has a reputation as a 'star maker.' It has taken a village-spanning not just the Philippines but the entire world-to bring Chino to the doorstep of global success.
Performers, pedagogues, and university instructors can use the Digital Archives to study common performance practice.
Pedagogues and child development specialists say the program is a form of child abuse and have asked the Ministry of Family and Social Policy to take action to protect the children being exploited for TV.
Les divers episodes de la formation de Lefebvre, futur pedagogue, sont relates avec une juste dose de details.
"The so far experience shows that every measure that needs to be implemented in the education sector should be well thought out, transparent and acceptable to all, especially by those that are supposed to implement it," says Qazimi when discussing the pedagogue record and the introduction of Macedonian language for ethnic Albanian first graders.
Summary: Renowned Palestinian writer, pedagogue and journalist Awni Mustafa passed away last week leaving a wealth of works and achievements related to the Palestinian cause.
In continental Europe, the pedagogue is a widely recognised professional and pedagogy is both a theoretical field and an area for social policy.
Pierre de Coubertin, a 19th-century French aristocrat and pedagogue, set out to revive the competitions in 1894 with the high-minded political aim of fostering international goodwill, declaring "the Olympics are for the world." He organized the first modern Olympics in Athens in 1896, where primarily well-off college students and athletic dub members from 14 nations competed in 10 sports.
Records show that the first school building on Church Street, called the Pedagogue's House, was commissioned by the town's Guild of the Holy Cross, and the wood for its half-timber walls - which are still there today - cost 45 shillings (pounds 2.25.)