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(sometimes US), pedagog
1. a teacher or educator
2. a pedantic or dogmatic teacher



a teacher in a general-education, vocational, secondary specialized, or higher educational institution. The term also denotes preschool teachers and teachers in boarding schools, children’s homes, and educational colonies, as well as employees in extracurricular institutions and professional educators.

References in classic literature ?
Was her encouragement of the poor pedagogue all a mere sham to secure her conquest of his rival?
The hair of the affrighted pedagogue rose upon his head with terror.
As he was a bachelor, and in nobody's debt, nobody troubled his head any more about him; the school was removed to a different quarter of the Hollow, and another pedagogue reigned in his stead.
The schoolhouse being deserted soon fell to decay, and was reported to be haunted by the ghost of the unfortunate pedagogue and the plough-boy, loitering homeward of a still summer evening, has often fancied his voice at a distance, chanting a melancholy psalm tune among the tranquil solitudes of Sleepy Hollow.
Hence arose another evil, which produced no little uneasiness to the poor pedagogue, of whom she maintained so constant a jealousy, that he durst hardly speak to one woman in the parish; for the least degree of civility, or even correspondence, with any female, was sure to bring his wife upon her back, and his own.
beaucoup moins que] Dans ce genre de situation, les inspecteurs et autres pedagogues doivent rassurer les eleves et etre a leurs cotes pendant toute l'annee scolaire [beaucoup plus grand que], a-t-il preconise.
Both pedagogues and psychologists agree that the pre-school education is the first degree in the education process of children.
The experience provided insight as to what this system entails, and the impact that pedagogues have on Russian dancers.
Pedagogues and child development specialists say the program is a form of child abuse and have asked the Ministry of Family and Social Policy to take action to protect the children being exploited for TV.
For this reader, Honing the Pianistic Self-Image is further proof that Fraser's insight into piano technique is quite extraordinary, indeed, and places him at the forefront of today's piano pedagogues.
Thus, there was a focus on peer relationships, considered by the pedagogues to promote the children's social skills.
We support the recommendations of the pedagogues that the teaching of several languages in the first grade is a big burden to children, even though we believe that it is good to speak several languages.