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(sometimes US), pedagog
1. a teacher or educator
2. a pedantic or dogmatic teacher



a teacher in a general-education, vocational, secondary specialized, or higher educational institution. The term also denotes preschool teachers and teachers in boarding schools, children’s homes, and educational colonies, as well as employees in extracurricular institutions and professional educators.

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What one pedagogue teaches a ballerina decades later will be passed along from her to the younger generation.
As the authors observed the interactions between the children and the pedagogues, they found very informal relationships; the children treated the pedagogues much as they did their parents and they called the pedagogues by their first names.
Most pedagogues train for three to four years at first degree level.
Following the history of the modern educational system and criticizing the traditional self-descriptions of the pedagogues he develops (without genuine empirical research) his own theoretical framework.
This impulse animated the founder of rhythmic gymnastics, Emile Jacques-Dalcroze, as well as the feminist pedagogue Bess Mensendieck, who sought to emancipate women through the rationalization of everyday motions.
Melchior and Moritz understand quite well, however, as they understand the workings of their society; what is more mysterious to them is the passage "Walpurgisnacht" in Faust, which pedagogues often evaded at the time for its subversive and suggestive content.
Moreover, he seems to feel that most blacks are subjected exclusively to a "banking pedagogy" in which they passively accept what is poured into their heads by non-critical pedagogues.
36), these essays mainly on Western popular music and its potential role in education will no doubt stir theorists and pedagogues, the moreso because, presented together, they carry an added logical force.
Pedagogues et syndicats du secteur sont conscients de la gravite de la situation.
Perspectives on Teaching Singing: Australian Vocal Pedagogues Sing Their Stories.
For this reason, parents, professors, pedagogues and the Education Minister should ask themselves who deserved to get a scolding?
In view of the Pedagogues Association this decision is unacceptable because the psychic and pedagogical development of students is not considered.