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itinerant vendor of small goods. In rural America peddlers carried their packs or drove a horse and cart from door to door. While the importance of peddlers to the small American community declined considerably with the growth of automobile transportation and mail-order houses, their role in certain sections of the Asian and African markets has remained important.


See R. L. Wright, Hawkers and Walkers in Early America (1927, repr. 1965); J. R. Dolan, Yankee Peddlers of Early America (1964).


(esp US), peddler, pedler
a person who peddles; hawker
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These women peddlers are a popular sight in Jeddah.
We're pretty sure that Prospect is a member of the FBI and has been sent here to infiltrate the Smut Peddlers.
Profil Institute is an ardent supporter of the American Diabetes Association and other advocacy groups with a similar mission of advancing research to eradicate diabetes and improving the lives of people with this and related metabolic disorders," said Claus Hakenesch, Profil Institute's CFO, Tour de Cure Committee member, and a Profil Peddler.
This is most common in cases when the peddler is a person with whom the company does not have a long-standing relationship.
SANTA CLARITA - Roadside peddlers of flowers, fruit and food might need permits to sell their wares if new rules under study by the city are adopted as law.
A senior crime branch officer said that the complainant, Mohd Rizaudin alias Pinto, is a drug peddler in East Delhi.
Director Excise and Taxation Multan division, Jam Saraj Ahmed told the department had arrested drug peddlers Ashiq Masih of Jamilabad Colony and Shahbaz Bhatti of Gulzar Town during January.
THE GOA government on Friday suspended five police personnel, after a sting operation revealed their alleged nexus with some drug peddlers.
ySTANBUL (CyHAN)- Many peddlers were beaten during a brawl broke out when municipal police carried out an operation, in which many goods were confiscated, against peddlers in E[currency]irinevler neighborhood, located in Turkey's economic hub city of Istanbul.
Additional District and Sessions judge Raja Khurram Ali Khan awarded a tw-year jail term to drug peddler Amjid Riaz.
He had taken his second delicious mouthful when the peddler stopped directly in front of the fir tree.
Of late, there has been a series of crackdowns on porn peddlers in Sharjah.