pedestrian bridge

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footbridge, pedestrian bridge

A narrow bridge designed to carry pedestrians only.
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With fences being built along the median on several streets in Doha, many commuters have urged the authorities concerned to expedite the construction of pedestrian bridges on key roads.
The new pedestrian bridge features moving sidewalks, terrazzo flooring and floor to ceiling windows.
The White Rock pedestrian bridge was the first bridge we built over water, and the first time we had to use tools such as tug boats and barges," said Mitch Chappell, AUI's project manager for the White Rock Lake pedestrian bridge project.
Under a separate project, a pedestrian bridge is proposed to be constructed at the former highway bridge site to provide a link for bicycles and pedestrians.
Jaywalkers risk life, limb and fines; RTA planning 7 pedestrian bridges
It already has two pedestrian underpasses near Creek stations and one pedestrian bridge between Sabkha Road and Dubai Municipality.
The Board of Directors of the Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) has endorsed a plan to construct 19 pedestrian bridges in 2014 and 2015 in various vital parts of Dubai.
Among the bridges recently completed by the RTA is a pedestrian bridge over Al Sda Street opposite to the Dubai World Trade Center (Conventions Center), spanning 92 meters and fitted with two lifts at each side in order to handle the huge number of visitors of the Center.
LAHORE -- Wreckage of the fallen pedestrian bridge along the Canal Road has become a major irritant for the Punjab University (PU) students as the local authorities have failed to clear the rubble even after lapse of over a month.
Rawalpindi -- The lawyers as well as citizen demand pedestrian bridge at Kuchhary Chowk to cross the roads at the busiest and heavy traffic point of the city.
Development of a major transportation hub, including the construction of a pedestrian bridge over George Street;
John Burgess and his 2-year-old daughter, Caelyn Burgess, cross the pedestrian bridge between the city of Eugene and Lane County government buildings in downtown Eugene on Tuesday.