pedestrian crossing

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pedestrian crossing

Brit a path across a road marked as a crossing for pedestrians

Pedestrian Crossing


a structure, or a section of a roadway, that allows pedestrians to cross roads safely.

Street-level pedestrian crossings are usually set up at street and road intersections and in places of heavy pedestrian traffic. Such crossings are designated by signs, markings on the roadway, protective barriers, and the like. On main roads with heavy vehicular and pedestrian traffic, vehicles and pedestrians cross at different levels by means of underground tunnels. Stairways provide entrance to tunnels less than 5 m deep, and escalators are used for deeper ones; ramps are sometimes installed. The tunnel is at least 3 m wide and 2.3 m high, with a stairway entrance width of 2 m.

In some cases, systems of underground crossings and concourses are necessary. Such systems connect several intersections and urban transport stops with railroad terminals, subway stations, and important public buildings. Examples are the complexes of crossings beneath Komsomolskaia Square in Moscow and beneath the square of the Opera in Vienna.


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Awareness campaigns will be intensified to educate workers in agricultural, construction and contracting companies as well as those living in workers' cities about the importance of using pedestrian crossings for their own safety.
TWO people were injured in accidents on pedestrian crossings, including one whose leg had to be amputated after he was hit by a water tanker.
Council officers will now look again at this site and, hopefully, will bring forward plans to improve pedestrian safety in this area by installing a pedestrian crossing.
Authorities added that colourful and painted pedestrian crossings were illegal, reported the Bulgarian National Television.
No Pedestrian Crossing Signal Control Behavior Description.
A spokesman said: "We acknowledge that there is a need for an improved pedestrian crossing at this location and it meets the criteria for a Puffin crossing.
Gealy told police after the collision that when he approached the pedestrian crossing he noticed a group of people outside Piper's Fish Bar and he slowed down in case any of them walked out into the road.
1991 TOUCAN CROSSINGS A pedestrian crossing which also allows bikes to cross.
Work to create the pedestrian crossing begins in May and it will take around four weeks and be complete for June.
A NUMBER of pedestrian crossings are being put in place this week at a major Stockton housing estate in a bid to improve road safety.
A pedestrian crossing the road from an unauthorised crossing area or a motorist driving the car recklessly or under the influence of alcohol or medicines or when exhausted contribute to such accidents, he said.
Instead they put the possible discomfort of speeding motorists first and the safety of pedestrians second by demanding lower heights and gradients of the tables at the gateway to the scheme and at the pedestrian crossing at the junction with Ton Yr Ywen Avenue.