pedestrian crossing

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pedestrian crossing

Brit a path across a road marked as a crossing for pedestrians
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Pedestrian Crossing


a structure, or a section of a roadway, that allows pedestrians to cross roads safely.

Street-level pedestrian crossings are usually set up at street and road intersections and in places of heavy pedestrian traffic. Such crossings are designated by signs, markings on the roadway, protective barriers, and the like. On main roads with heavy vehicular and pedestrian traffic, vehicles and pedestrians cross at different levels by means of underground tunnels. Stairways provide entrance to tunnels less than 5 m deep, and escalators are used for deeper ones; ramps are sometimes installed. The tunnel is at least 3 m wide and 2.3 m high, with a stairway entrance width of 2 m.

In some cases, systems of underground crossings and concourses are necessary. Such systems connect several intersections and urban transport stops with railroad terminals, subway stations, and important public buildings. Examples are the complexes of crossings beneath Komsomolskaia Square in Moscow and beneath the square of the Opera in Vienna.


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Pedestrians mostly blame inconsiderate and bad drivers when cars fail to stop for them at pedestrian crossings, but all too often faded road markings may well be equally to blame.
TWO people were injured in accidents on pedestrian crossings, including one whose leg had to be amputated after he was hit by a water tanker.
"I've been in touch with council officers to look into the possibility of some form of pedestrian crossing in Greenhill Road next to Paisley St James railway station.
A PEDESTRIAN crossing near a busy roundabout has been re-moved as part of work to upgrade a Tyneside commuter route.
Pedestrian crossing caused a great impact on road capacity [2].
A PEDESTRIAN crossing in Speke, branded the "worst ever seen", has not been made safer due to a lack of funding, the council has claimed.
I suggest that a law or local ordinance should be passed prohibiting pedestrian crossing except through elevated walkways or pedestrian overpasses or marked crosswalks, especially where one of such facilities is available.
A MOTORIST has been convicted of causing the death by careless driving of a 79-year-old man who was knocked over in a 10mph "lowspeed impact collision" on a pedestrian crossing.
A TEMPORARY pedestrian crossing has been installed outside Ysgol Deganwy, as Conwy council has failed to recruit a lollipop man.
ZEBRA CROSSINGS The pedestrian crossing with alternating black and white stripes gives extra rights of way to pedestrians.
Stockton Council will install a number of pedestrian crossing points this week in the Round Hill area of Ingleby Barwick.
The two other elected Heath Ward members would not accept the original scheme, which would have driven down the speed of cars in the area outside the school and at the pedestrian crossing. Instead they put the possible discomfort of speeding motorists first and the safety of pedestrians second by demanding lower heights and gradients of the tables at the gateway to the scheme and at the pedestrian crossing at the junction with Ton Yr Ywen Avenue.