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Irrespective of whether they exist, there are typically 'sensible' or 'most likely' values that emerge if existing data ranges are described and pedological common sense is applied.
The inverse correlations between number of days with pedological drought and yield, respectively water use efficiency;
Clay translocation is the most common pedological process in the development of many of the soils, and can readily be seen in the field and in thin section.
We speculate that some of the observed pedological conditions may also have impacted soil permeability.
1996): Two long sedimentary records from Jersey, Channel Islands: Stratigraphic and pedological evidence for environmental change during the last 200 Kys.
1986: New prospects in shallow depth electrical surveying for archaeological and pedological applications.
Urban development in Saguenay has had to confront decreasing population densities as well as the inevitable topographic and pedological constraints limiting settlement possibilities.
fabrilis is probably more related to pedological (possibly soil stability or differences in grain size near the inner dune front) or microclimatological (less buffered temperatures far from the sea) conditions and, possibly, the reason for the observed clustered occurrence.
The geomorphological, ecological and pedological development of coastal foredunes at Magilligan Point, Northern Ireland.
The article tipifies those soils with the highest evolutive development that tend to reflect pedological climax state in each Natural Colombian Region.
Permanently wet soils, which curtail root development and encourage rot, offer the major pedological constraint on manioc cultivation.