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psychosexual disorder in which there is a preference for sexual activity with prepubertal children. Pedophiles are almost always males. The children are more often of the opposite sex (about twice as often) and are typically 13 years or age or younger; they may be within or outside the pedophile's family. Sexual fantasies, looking, or fondling are more common than genital contact. Sexual offenses against children make up a significant proportion of reported criminal sex acts.

The cause or causes of pedophilia are not well understood. Personality problems may be evident, and the pedophile often shows little or no concern for the effects of his sexual behavior on the child. Researchers have reported that psychotherapy in conjunction with the use of testosterone-lowering drugs has substantially reduced the desire in male pedophiles to molest children. See also child abusechild abuse,
physical, sexual, or emotional maltreatment or neglect of children by parents, guardians, or others responsible for a child's welfare. Physical abuse is characterized by physical injury, usually inflicted as a result of a beating or inappropriately harsh discipline.
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Love of children by adults for sexual purposes.
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(esp US), pedophilia
the condition of being sexually attracted to children
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"Here in the Philippines, pedophilia involving priests has never been a problem," he said.
"They try to keep the girl as long as possible because they are afraid that the girl will tell the truth," Aleksandras Usas, the father of the deceased Usas, said in the Vilnius court on April 5 and suggested that his son was accused by Kedys of pedophilia due to Kedys' jealousy, which inspired Kedys to invent the pedophilia story.
The revelations about pedophilia scandals in Ireland, Germany, Switzerland,
Although the pope s letter will be addressed to the Irish people, it is expected to touch on the effects of pedophilia sandals in a number of European countries, including his native Germany.
He synthesizes the latest theory and research on detecting pedophilia, the causes of pedophilia and sexual offending, risk assessment of offenders, and what can be done to reduce sexual offenses against children.
* "Acts of pedophilia are the responsibility of the individual who carries them out," leaving the hierarchy blameless.
In our church it is the episcopal cover-up and doublespeak on the issue of pedophilia and the attempt to deflect corruption by focusing on homosexuality.
6 MYSTERIOUS SKIN (GREGG ARAKI) The best movie about pedophilia ever made.
He carried the combined Axis I diagnosis of both schizophrenia and pedophilia. A Level I sex offender, he also was diagnosed as at borderline intellectual functioning.
Given the repugnance of pedophilia, feature films on this theme have appeared with surprising frequency.