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psychosexual disorder in which there is a preference for sexual activity with prepubertal children. Pedophiles are almost always males. The children are more often of the opposite sex (about twice as often) and are typically 13 years or age or younger; they may be within or outside the pedophile's family. Sexual fantasies, looking, or fondling are more common than genital contact. Sexual offenses against children make up a significant proportion of reported criminal sex acts.

The cause or causes of pedophilia are not well understood. Personality problems may be evident, and the pedophile often shows little or no concern for the effects of his sexual behavior on the child. Researchers have reported that psychotherapy in conjunction with the use of testosterone-lowering drugs has substantially reduced the desire in male pedophiles to molest children. See also child abusechild abuse,
physical, sexual, or emotional maltreatment or neglect of children by parents, guardians, or others responsible for a child's welfare. Physical abuse is characterized by physical injury, usually inflicted as a result of a beating or inappropriately harsh discipline.
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Love of children by adults for sexual purposes.


(esp US), pedophilia
the condition of being sexually attracted to children
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While it is certainly suggestive and provocative, Kincaid's characterization of Anglo-American culture as latently pedophiliac may not apply universally anymore.
The church was constantly in the headlines last year and almost all the instances had to do with sex: Texas sodomy laws, gay marriages, gay priests and pedophiliac priests.
The imperfection in the creation is thus rooted in the creator's narcissism: in his desire to author a world that leaves no place for the other--Seth Brundle wanted to make teleportation possible because he has a phobia of vehicles, while pedophiliac Dr.
Despite the harrowing documentation she provides of a corrupt Vatican, repugnant Church officials, pedophiliac priests, soul-destroying celibacy, rampant misogyny and deep-rooted homophobia, she holds to a deep conviction that Catholicism is more than the Catholic Church.
The whole pedophiliac priest thing in the news has me spooked.
And despite its pedophiliac plot, "Lolita" offers no Molly Bloom payoff, no pornographic "copulation of cliches.
Catholic Church Sex Scandal: Who is to blame for the pedophiliac actions of Catholic clergy?
your incandescent birthright--the teachings, comfort, and support for the soul to be found in the arms not of a pedophiliac person, but in the arms of the loving, living God.
So here's where I come out: Hire the gays and the heterosexuals, but only after they've been screened for pedophiliac tendencies.
Just last month, as many state legislatures across the nation were embarking on their hectic closing days, numerous local TV news programs were trying to boost ratings during the semiannual "sweeps" period with programs about the terrible things criminals can do with public information: identity theft, stalking, pedophiliac cruising on the Internet, and more.
With his subjects posed either nude or partially so, despite his denials, there is a distinctly pedophiliac feeling to these canvases, particularly those of young girls with their underpants exposed.