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a long-handled shovel used by bakers for moving bread, in an oven


1. John, real name John Robert Parker Ravenscroft. 1939--2005, British broadcaster; noted for his Radio 1 music programme and Radio 4's Home Truths
2. Sir Robert. 1788--1850, British statesman; Conservative prime minister (1834--35; 1841--46). As Home Secretary (1828--30) he founded the Metropolitan Police and in his second ministry carried through a series of free-trade budgets culminating in the repeal of the Corn Laws (1846), which split the Tory party

What does it mean when you dream about a peel?

To see peeling skin, or to peel away the outer covering of something may indicate the shedding of old ways or conditions. Alternatively, peeling away outer coverings may indicate the discarding of unneeded exterior pretenses.

peel, pele

In northern England and Scotland in the Middle Ages, a small, emergency defense structure, generally a low, fortified tower, usable as a dwelling place.


Used to implement version of Emacs on PRIME computers.
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Therefore the selection of the peelable solder mask depends less on the required temperature resistance during processing than on the surrounding conditions: The need to tent plated through-holes or achieve a high definition requires the use of special thixotropic or highly thixotropic inks.
L1, L2 and L3 boards failed electrically due to bare board contamination (chloride HASL flux) and contact residues from the peelable solder mask (Table 2).
Typical dry-goods packages are three-layer coextruded blown films with a peelable seal layer and an HDPE core layer.
has introduced PeelVent, a vented chevron peelable pouch, and TearVent, a vented linear tear pouch.
Despite this, the lidding specialist says it came up with a high-clarity ovenable and peelable solution with excellent anti-fog properties and a high oxygen barrier, suitable for ready-to-heat meals.
As the pack is formed, the film is slit and rejoined with a strip of peelable tape, which provides an easy open feature and allows packs to be reclosed.
Peelable Cheese Twirler, 84g, 75p Rocket Lollies, 8 x 60ml, 99p ON SALE NOW Tube It, 9 x 40g, pounds 1.
Intergard 10220, now on the market, was developed as a temporary peelable camouflage coating with chemical agent absorbent properties as a result of a three-year collaboration project between the UK Defence Science and Technology Laboratory (Dstl) at Porton Down and AkzoNobel Aerospace Coatings.
Peelable resist technology and its use in the manufacturing of printed circuit boards can be traced back at least three decades.