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a long-handled shovel used by bakers for moving bread, in an oven


1. John, real name John Robert Parker Ravenscroft. 1939--2005, British broadcaster; noted for his Radio 1 music programme and Radio 4's Home Truths
2. Sir Robert. 1788--1850, British statesman; Conservative prime minister (1834--35; 1841--46). As Home Secretary (1828--30) he founded the Metropolitan Police and in his second ministry carried through a series of free-trade budgets culminating in the repeal of the Corn Laws (1846), which split the Tory party
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What does it mean when you dream about a peel?

To see peeling skin, or to peel away the outer covering of something may indicate the shedding of old ways or conditions. Alternatively, peeling away outer coverings may indicate the discarding of unneeded exterior pretenses.

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peel, pele

In northern England and Scotland in the Middle Ages, a small, emergency defense structure, generally a low, fortified tower, usable as a dwelling place.
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Used to implement version of Emacs on PRIME computers.
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Then, they peeled away their paper from the glass and their prints were completed!
Taggart peeled away the upper half of the wall separating the two rooms to create a central cooking island hidden behind a raised, granite-topped counter.
Daryl Murphy peeled away to the back post and nodded home Armand Traore's cross from the left 12 minutes before the break.
Packaging for this purpose may consist of a peelable laminate, where the barrier layer is peeled away just before displaying for sale.
Lysette peeled away plenty of layers for the glamour shot, right, and Meadows can see her a- peel.
As the months passed, it was obvious I was hiding something, and layers of trust were peeled away.
In the last, one of Bochner's black-and-white Crumples was soaked in water so that the emulsion could be peeled away from its paper support.