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a long-handled shovel used by bakers for moving bread, in an oven


1. John, real name John Robert Parker Ravenscroft. 1939--2005, British broadcaster; noted for his Radio 1 music programme and Radio 4's Home Truths
2. Sir Robert. 1788--1850, British statesman; Conservative prime minister (1834--35; 1841--46). As Home Secretary (1828--30) he founded the Metropolitan Police and in his second ministry carried through a series of free-trade budgets culminating in the repeal of the Corn Laws (1846), which split the Tory party

What does it mean when you dream about a peel?

To see peeling skin, or to peel away the outer covering of something may indicate the shedding of old ways or conditions. Alternatively, peeling away outer coverings may indicate the discarding of unneeded exterior pretenses.

peel, pele

In northern England and Scotland in the Middle Ages, a small, emergency defense structure, generally a low, fortified tower, usable as a dwelling place.


Used to implement version of Emacs on PRIME computers.
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After subjecting residue peeled off the shroud with sticky tape to analysis under a light microscope, Walter C.
EF1 Moderate 73- 112 Roof surfaces peeled off, mobile
Agoura High basketball forward Adam Allegro slowly peeled off his black headband, rolled it into a ball and threw it to the ground as he sat along the Chargers' sideline Wednesday night.
For easy use by the consumer, the recipe is printed on the back of the scale label and can be conveniently peeled off at home.
He said he didn't know if the tire tread peeled off before or after the blowout.
CaptureCard can be printed on one side like standard business cards, while the reverse side features four adhesive labels which can be peeled off and easily transferred to other material such as address books, rolodexes, calendars or promotional collateral.
When Mater Dei guard Imran Sufi peeled off his uniform to reveal a shirt that had the saying ``Defense wins Championships,'' it wasn't coincidental.
debarked, asphalt peeled off of roads, steel reinforced
Reporting the story that evening, one TV anchorman peeled off his tie.
Apparently after they threw the objects, the two vehicles peeled off,'' said Miklos.
When the skin of the mold was firm enough to roll up, it was peeled off and kept in a damp place.