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a long-handled shovel used by bakers for moving bread, in an oven


1. John, real name John Robert Parker Ravenscroft. 1939--2005, British broadcaster; noted for his Radio 1 music programme and Radio 4's Home Truths
2. Sir Robert. 1788--1850, British statesman; Conservative prime minister (1834--35; 1841--46). As Home Secretary (1828--30) he founded the Metropolitan Police and in his second ministry carried through a series of free-trade budgets culminating in the repeal of the Corn Laws (1846), which split the Tory party

What does it mean when you dream about a peel?

To see peeling skin, or to peel away the outer covering of something may indicate the shedding of old ways or conditions. Alternatively, peeling away outer coverings may indicate the discarding of unneeded exterior pretenses.

peel, pele

In northern England and Scotland in the Middle Ages, a small, emergency defense structure, generally a low, fortified tower, usable as a dwelling place.


Used to implement version of Emacs on PRIME computers.
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Cut about 1/4 inch off the stem end of each sprout and begin peeling off the leaves.
According to their calculations, the new model can produce a collision without having to rely on one invisible brane peeling off from another.
com), on view through September 2, features plastinated cadavers carrying their skins nonchalantly over one arm or striking marathon-runner poses, their muscles peeling off their bones in the anatomical equivalent of cartoon speed lines.
McClintock says to those who question his can top media hygiene models about his "Peel to Reveal" apparatus, "All who doubt this model today, will be peeling off the proof tomorrow.
After peeling off the split bark, leave the area exposed and it will callus over.