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see tree frogtree frog,
name for any of the small tree- or shrub-inhabiting frogs of the family Hylidae, characterized by an adhesive disk on the tip of each of the clawlike toes. This family has about 300 species distributed throughout most tropical and temperate regions, with the greatest
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Spring peepers can be deafening at times -- disconcerting, but also comforting to people who hear them as a sign that a seemingly endless winter is over.
or a spring peeper translates its multi-dimensions aurally.
When they saw that the hat was really a happy little spring peeper, they were not afraid of him anymore.
A frog as small as a spring peeper could not prey on a small mammal but a bullfrog or green frog could prey on shrews, mice, voles, small birds, other frogs, small snakes, etc.
We also heard one lonely peeper, sadly peeping out its call for a non-existent mate.
Portland peeper Paul Durkin has been given responsibility for keeping arch-enemies
Working with Richardson, Christensen invented the Treetop Peeper, a miniature video camera mounted on a 50- foot telescoping pole that allows biologists to peer into woodpecker cavities.
THE PEEPER RESPONSE: Able-bodied people often avoid eye contact or peep at me with pity and curiosity.
Literary scholar and naturalist Joseph Wood Krutch, in a collection of essays titled The Twelve Seasons, expressed in delightful fashion his opinion that a spring peeper chorus, not the arrival of the first robin or appearance of the first crocus, was the truest harbinger of spring.
If you live in the eastern half of the United States or Canada, you're probably in peeper territory.
The tendency for spring peeper larvae to be distributed in more permanent and/or more predator rich environments than chorus frogs has also been reported in North Carolina (Alexander 1965), Indiana (Whitaker 1971), and northern Michigan (Smith 1983).
But almost the entire eastern half of the country is home to the common tree flog and the spring peeper.