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see tree frogtree frog,
name for any of the small tree- or shrub-inhabiting frogs of the family Hylidae, characterized by an adhesive disk on the tip of each of the clawlike toes. This family has about 300 species distributed throughout most tropical and temperate regions, with the greatest
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Make the most of your peepers. Shereen Low shows how.
Just as the boys and I learn important things about the season or time of day by listening for the peepers, calling out to the owls, and catching the distinctive, beautiful call of the whippoorwill, a leader must listen to people, hear what they say, and understand what they mean.
The tips here are for peeking at peepers. But you can hunt for any frogs during their breeding season.
and you will restore your peepers. Now have to find to gaze them.
Here we examine some of the risks and how to keep those peepers in perfect nick...
The right products and techniques can work wonders for your peepers They say eyes are the window to your soul but, if your panes have become a little hazy with age, it''s time to make them sparkle again.
In fact, it's really just drummer Rochford, cannibalising samples of his own band's recent Peepers album and operating an extended journey into the bowels of electronic extremity.
She didn't try to conceal her puffy, dark-circled peepers.
This means that the condition can lead to blindness, so it's vital to take care of your peepers. To find out more about glaucoma, visit
Like a paint by numbers for your eyes these trios of eye colour are perfectly matched to compliment each other and give real definition to your peepers. They even come with instructions as to were to apply the colours.